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Owlegories, Volume 2 (The Ant, The Fruite, The Butterfly) DVD Review by Kelly LaFollette

The Boto Family, Chad Gundersen, and Keith Alcorn
Owlegories, LLC
Thomas and Julie Boto

Owlegories Volume 2- The Ant, The Fruit and the Butterfly, is a children’s animated DVD that focuses on learning about nature, faith and God. There is one DVD included with an approximate length time of 34 minutes. There are three episodes included and at the end of each episode, is a special message from either Trillia Newbell, Angie Smith, or Robert Morris.

There is an opportunity to receive a free digital episode when you sign up for updates from Owlegories, LLC included inside the DVD case. It can be bought on the company website at a normal price of $12.99 per DVD. For an extra dollar, you can get a cute gift bag. Owlegories Volume 2- The Ant, The Fruit and the Butterfly, is also available at Walmart, Lifeway Christian Store, and Family Christian Store or on Amazon.

The versatility of this DVD is endless. It can be used not only in your homeschool, but also as part of a children’s Sunday School class or other child related activities at church. Husband and wife team, Thomas and Julie Boto, had the idea of Owlegories come up from their love of being out in nature and their love of Jesus. They wanted to share that with their children, and the idea developed that is now being enjoyed by many children and their families. The hope of this family is to have these episodes impact children so much that they want to go spread the information about God to their family, friends, neighbors and everyone! There is really no age limit, and it is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

My four and six year old sons enjoyed it very much, and my husband and I laughed aloud right along with them at the many funny scenes in the DVD. I used it as a Bible lesson one day for our homeschool studies, and the boys had me turn it back on at least twice more before the end of the day. There is scripture and memory verses taught, and how to apply these lessons to your life in a way that would glorify God. The correlation between the characteristics of the specific creature highlighted in each episode and how to apply that Biblically, was such a wonderful way to explain to a child. There are lovable characters, silly villains, and a fun musical introduction. At the end of each episode was a science review of what the creature described was and many different, beautiful photos of each. This was an amazing concept because it fulfilled both Bible and Science lessons for us in homeschool that day.

My family and I very much enjoyed watching this together, and it has become one of our favorite videos to watch. There are hilarious scenes and teachable moments. My sons learned the songs and verses quickly, and they go around the house quoting the verses and singing the songs, which is always a good sign of something they enjoyed. One of the episodes was on the fruits of the spirit, and now both my sons can quote every single one! I thought it worked terrific in our homeschool studies and it is flexible enough that everyone can learn something from the episodes. I think it would be most enjoyed by a younger group of children, but there may be some middle schoolers and high schooled aged children who would enjoy the cute stories and humor. The only thing I disliked was one of the villains is really cruel to the other villain, but that’s part of his job description and he did quite well at that, so it is believable. 

There are two DVDs available right now, with the third becoming available May 17, 2016.  There are three more DVDs scheduled after that, all releasing before spring, 2017. There is also an app called Owlegories TV that is free to download, but has in app purchases such as paying a small fee per episode. This is also where you can download the one free episode offered in the DVD case, which is what we did. I would most likely purchase the DVD instead of using the app, just because I guess I am old school and enjoy having physical copies of things. I will definitely be buying the other DVDs, and I will be adding on the cute gift bag!

-Product review by Kelly LaFollette, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2016