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Bouncy Bands Review by Jennifer Miller

Bouncy Bands Headquarters
(646) 926-2440
8075-Q North Point Blvd
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106

One noticeable difference between homeschool and school is desks that are used by the students. Occasionally you may still find some home schools set up like classrooms, but that is no longer the norm. However we still have the expectation that our students, our children, do actually attend to the lessons that they are learning. 

Sensory and behavior issues aren't limited just to school classrooms, either. A school counselor invented Bouncy Bands specifically for students to appropriately release energy or relieve anxiety by bouncing their feet in a non-distracting manner. One or both feet can bounce on the band allowing movement while seated.  

To determine the size band needed and if it will indeed work with your chair or desk, check out the specifications shared on their website: Bouncy Bands award winning product is 100% latex free. They are made of three pieces—a thick rubber band which connects two 1 1/2" diameter support pipes that open to wrap around the legs of the student's chair or desk. The desk model's pipes are 8" long, and the pipes for Bouncy Bands for chairs are 4" long. Attaching the Bouncy Band to the chair legs was simple; my eleven year old son set it up independently.   

Bands can be used with traditional school desks but can also be used with some free standing chairs. Check out the specifications on their website to see if Bouncy Bands will fit any of your chairs or desks. Your fidgety child may thank you. Replacement rubber bands are also available for both desk and chair models.  

Bouncy Bands are useable in home and school environments but could even be helpful in other environments such as community, library, or church classrooms. Though designed for children, they can also be used by adults. 

Other uses may be considered. My son noticed it would make an awesome sling shot, and even that is addressed on the Bouncy Bands website. 

Did we like it? Yes! If I were still working in a school system, it is very likely that multiple Bouncy Bands would be ordered for the classrooms where I consulted. At home, my son enjoyed bouncing his feet on the Bouncy Bands attached to our chair, not only during schoolwork, but even while watching television. 

-Product review by Jennifer Miller, OTR/L, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May, 2016