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Fitivities-The Game That Moves You Review by Latonya Moore

844-FIT-GAME (348-4263)
670 E. Parkridge Ave.
Suite 104
Corona, CA 92879

We have gone through seasons in our home school where our physical activity was rather low.  It became a struggle to find new ways to move especially when we lived in colder climate.  I was unmotivated and so were my two daughters since I was setting the example. 

Fitivities came at just the right time.  We had become more active, but still desired variety in our exercise routine.  Fitivities offers variety.  Fitivities is a game that makes you move.  The game includes the Fitivities mat, 4 dice, 4 shoe markers, 4 spinner boards, and game rules.  The game can be played with two or more people.  We play as a family of four on teams, parents against children.

The game is simple to play.  Each team chooses a sneaker of a particular color. The game doesn’t have to be played in teams, but if that is the case it limits it game to only four players.  By playing in teams more people can play.  Each team receives a spinner and a die.  This game is unique because the teams are actually playing at the same time and independently of one another.  The purpose of the game is for one team to make it around the mat which is the game board first.  The team who makes it around the fastest is the winning team.

Fitivities includes several exercises including standing crunches, jumping jacks, squats, and leg circles to name a few.  Teams do the specific exercises where the shoe lands on the mat.   Each team member spins the spinner. The spinner will inform the team how many repetitions to do for instance, one might land on complete five repetitions.  If that is the case, the entire team would do five repetitions of the exercise where the team shoe is on the mat.  Since both teams are completing their exercises at the same time we were able to really get a workout in especially during games where we had to go back to start over which meant we had to start our trek around the board over.

The game is a nice addition to our physical activities.  I appreciate the easy set up and the fact that no other equipment is needed to get physical.  The girls learn that they can use their own bodies as resistance, and they can exercise simply by moving in the comfort of our home.  Fitivities supports being physical while making it fun at the same time.

-Product review by Latonya Moore, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May, 2016