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Principles of Mathematics, Book 1 Review by Jeniffer Do Nascimento

Biblical Worldview Curriculum
Katherine A Loop
Master Books
(800) 999-3777
3142 Highway 103 N
Green Forest, AR 72638

In a day and age when the world is pushing God out things left and right, it’s only proper that we as Christians include Him in as much as possible. As homeschoolers, most of us make it a priority to find curriculum for our children that comes from a biblical worldview. In subjects like history or science, it’s easy to find creationist curriculum, but math is something else.

Up until recently I’d never really seen biblical math. I think we’ve all seen workbooks with a Bible verse on the top of the page or questions like, “How many apples does Adam have?” But truly biblical worldview math is something I figured just wasn’t available. That is, until we started working with Principles of Mathematics, Biblical Worldview Curriculum.

Author Katherine Loop has achieved what I thought to be impossible. She has taken the normally neutral subject of math and inexplicably proven that it is in fact anything but neutral. The Bible teaches that Jesus is Lord of all – the Creator and Sustainer of all things. He doesn’t exempt math from that. Math is a tool scientist use to describe creation. It’s a way of describing the consistencies God created and sustains. No matter what symbols we use to describe it, one plus one consistently equals two because God both decided it would and keeps this ordinance in place.

By exploring things like naturalism and humanism in math, several other subjects like history, science, and technology are taught in this math course too. This is Book 1 of a Junior High level math course so you will also find the expected mathematical elements like: multiplication, division, fractions, mental math, decimals, ratios and proportions, percents, negative numbers, exponents, square roots, scientific notation, simple geometry, problem solving, and more.

Principles of Mathematics is a two-book set that includes the student workbook and the student textbook. The set is available for $51.98 on the Master Books website. The workbook has perforated pages and includes the answer key, daily schedules, quizzes and tests, and the worksheets (332 pages) that correspond with the text. The textbooks is just over 400 pages in length and covers 20 chapters of math, history, theology, and science- all of which are very eloquently mingled together. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed using this curriculum. In one of the first few lessons, when discussing place value, students are instructed how to make and use an abacus. Using simple tools like a picture frame, wire, and beads we created an abacus! Hands on fun like this is sprinkled throughout the text.

My 7th grader has been using the books, and has been very successful at learning on her own! This may sound like a mundane thought for some but math is something we’ve always struggled with. Just the thought of getting out her math books in the past has brought her to tears. Not so with this though!! She’s a reader by nature and the conversational tone of Principles of Mathematics has really gotten through to her. More than that, she enjoys math now!

I am so thankful for this math curriculum. It has completely opened her eyes to the world of mathematics and the fact that it is indeed God ordained and maintained. I look forward to Book 2 coming out soon. I fully intent to purchase it so we can continue on this mathematical journey together.

-Product review by Jeniffer Do Nascimento, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May, 2016