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Bible Study Guide for All Ages Review by Brittney Rutherford

PO Box 1343
Russellville, AR 72811

Bible Study Guide for All Ages is a Bible curriculum that is written for families with children of different ages to study the Bible together. Each year you will study some Old Testament, and some New Testament, learning the big picture of the whole Bible, as well as how to apply it to your life. To facilitate this review, I received multiple components. I received the Student Pages for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels, as well as the Bible Book Summary Cards, the Beginner Timeline and the Children's Songs 2 CD set. 

The Beginner Student Pages are for children 3-K and were designed with non-readers in mind. The “work” involved is mostly coloring, circling or matching, so it is age appropriate. You simply follow the flow of the page, and it tells you when to read from the Bible or incorporate other elements of the curriculum. This level frequently utilizes the children's songs, which are catchy and fun. The Beginner Timeline includes 34 colorful cards that are 8.5 x 11 inches in size. They teach important people and events in chronological order. There is also a Primary level for 1st-2nd graders, but because children of this age often have unique and varied reading needs, this level has a separate teacher's guide, and I have not seen this level. 

The Intermediate Student Pages are aimed at students in 3rd-4th grade, and include some work like coloring and filling in the blanks, but also memory work, mapping activities and timeline work. You can easily follow the flow of the page to work through the lesson, so independent students could work on their own. Advanced Student Pages are for 5th-6th graders. They challenge students to think about and apply God's word, and they require a little more writing than lower levels. These two levels will often reference the Bible Book Summary Cards, which are full-color flashcards.  Each book of the Bible is represented with one or more pictures to help students remember the basic content of each book. The back has a written summary and review questions for the teacher to help guide the student.

Although the levels teach the same content, and are meant to help you work together as a family, I found it took a little work on my part. Because of the student pages I received, and the ages of my children, I put my 6 year old in the Beginner pages and my 3rd grader in the Intermediate level. I found the flow of the student pages didn't always line up, and because the activities were slightly different, I found myself bouncing back and forth between them to guide them appropriately. Often one child was waiting around for the other and the lessons felt disjointed. After looking more thoroughly through the Advanced level, it appears the Intermediate and Advanced have a more similar layout, and I feel like the flow of the lessons would have been more natural had I bumped both children up into these levels.

We did enjoy the presentation of the lessons, and my children loved the songs. The timeline and Bible summary cards were a little hard to keep up with when loose, but binding them together is likely to keep them manageable. Overall, I think the ease of use of this program will depend on the age spread of your students. Students close in age and skill that can work in the same level, or in closely skilled levels will be easier to teach together. Bible Study Guide for All Ages offers multiple options for families, so it is worth investigating to see if they will meet the needs of your family dynamic. 

-Product review by Brittney Rutherford, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine LLC, May 2016