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The Dragon and the Raven CD Set Review by Lisa McClanahan

Author: G.A. Henty Producer: Bill Heid
Heirloom Audio Productions
P.O. Box 362
Thomson, IL 61285

Bringing history alive for my kids has always been a priority in our homeschool. Heirloom Audio has started bringing the Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty alive in their Audio Theater recordings. We have added all of their recordings to our audio drama collection and listen to them over and over.

The Dragon and the Raven CD set is an audio theater adventure produced by Heirloom Audio from the book written by G.A. Henty with the same name. The 2 ½ hour adventure is recorded on two CDs and is recommended for ages six to adult. The characters are voiced from well-known actors and actresses from The Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Doctor Who VII, The Hobbit, and Star Wars.  

G.A. Henty is known for his historical adventure stories. The Dragon and the Raven was published in 1885 and is about the Vikings' invasion of England and France in 849-899. Edmund, is the main character who loses his father in a battle against the Danes. Eventually Edmund and King Alfred of Wessex go against the invaders, and they realize there only hope is to turn the nation back to God. Edmund uses a ship called The Dragon to go against the Danes in sea battles, he is a Christian and shows compassion on his enemies. He befriends an enemy Viking leader, Jarl Seigbert, and his daughter Freda in a battle when he doesn't kill them. This friendship pays off in the end when Edmund is in need of their help.

Heirloom Audio has done an excellent job with this audio adventure. The characters and sound effects make this story come alive. The perfect cast had been chosen and make you get caught up in the story as if you were there. Their voices and script create a picture in your mind of each individual character and setting. We could see a difference in the big rough Danes and the men of England.

The accents and fighting really takes you back in time and makes you feel like you are part of history. This is the forth audio drama from Heirloom Audio. My family has enjoyed them all, and eagerly awaits the next release. My girls haven't gotten into reading the G.A. Henty stories, but they love The Dragon and the Raven Heirloom Audio Theater.

-Product review by Lisa McClanahan, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April, 2016