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Bethel Music Kids – Come Alive Review by Deborah Wuehler

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As a Christian homeschooling mom, one of my main goals is to provide a Godly heritage and Biblical foundation in all areas of study, including the arts and music. Our children will be exposed to all kinds of music during their lives. I want them to hear music and lyrics that glorifies the Creator of both.

We were made to worship as are our children. We need to show our children the worship of our God just as we train them in the Scriptures. Music is a gift from God to bless us, and help us through times of trouble, calm our soul, and call us to think about and worship God. Music with Godly lyrics can also be a powerful weapon in our children’s arsenal against the enemy of their souls.

What I love about Bethel Music Kids – Come Alive is that they don’t “dumb down” the music to a childish level, childish lyrics, or childish musical scores; rather they allow the children to be part of the adult worship conversation through music. Whether singing, “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain. Worthy is the King who conquered the grave” Or singing the upbeat, “This is what You do: You make me come alive!” our focus is always drawn to our Maker.

Included in the Come Alive CD set was a DVD of the children performing choreographed mini-features with many of the songs included on the CD. The children’s ages range from elementary up through high school in these music videos. The singers, dancers, and all the children involved, bring their talent together to create a beautiful production to watch. Our entire family enjoyed the visual interpretation and artistic expression of each of these songs performed by gifted and talented youth.

Songs included:

Chasing You

This is Amazing Grace

You Make Me Brave

O Taste and See

You are Good

Breaking Through


Deep Cries Out

This is What You Do

Ever Be

One Thing Remains

If you are looking for worship music for your family that is centered on the freedom and love found in our great and awesome God, I know you will love the Bethel Music Kids - Come Alive CD/DVD. I love hearing my children singing these songs as they do their school work and chores, or just running and playing through the house - the music and lyrics are set in their minds already!

-Product review by Deborah Wuehler, Senior Editor and Director of Production, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, April, 2016