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Owlegories Vol. 1: The Sun, The Seed, The Water DVD Review by Deanna Jasper

Thomas Boto
1540 Keller Parkway, Suite 108 #119
Keller, TX 76289
1 (817) 601-7024

Paul tells us in Romans 1:20 that God's invisible attributes are clearly perceived in the things that He has created. The Boto family took this verse to heart and set out to create something unique to teach kids about God, integrating their love for nature with theological truths. The result: Owlegories, biblical allegories told by owls. What first started as an interactive digital app has now developed into a fun animated series available both through the “Owlegories TV” app (with 15-minute episodes available for $1.99 each, though the first one is free!) and on DVD ($11.97 for three episodes).

Our family had a delightful time getting to know the Owlegories characters on Owlegories Vol. 1: The Sun, The Seed, The Water. Each episode features five young owls attending “Theowlogy 101” with Professor Owlester. They begin each class by reciting the “Owl Pledge”:

We love to learn about creation

It helps us become wise

God's nature is all around us

If you look through heaven's eyes

Then the professor introduces the topic for that episode's lesson. In these three episodes, it is the sun, seeds, and water. He then gives the inquisitive young owls a mission that can only be completed by going on an adventure to various places around the world, where they discover how the subject of their lesson is similar to God. (For example, they figure out that the sun, like God, is powerful, give us light to guide us, and gives life.) There is a villain, Devlin, who appears in each episode trying to thwart the little owls' plans, but my children found him more comical than scary. (They were especially amused at his attempts to disguise himself to avoid being recognized.)

After each animated episode there is a live “Recap” segment with a short message (about two minutes) expounding upon the lesson that was taught. My children didn't enjoy these as much as the animation, but neither did they complain, and I appreciated the time given to take them a little deeper into the theology behind the episodes.

The Owlegories series is very well-produced. Colorful animation catches and keeps the viewer's attention. Each character is unique, and my children loved telling me all about their distinct attributes and quirks. I loved that they were respectful and encouraging. One of the young owls, Joey, is constantly telling jokes, but unlike so many characters in modern children's programs, he never tries to get a laugh by putting people down or being rude. And of course, in the midst of all the fun, important theological truths are being taught.

We have watched this DVD over and over again, as my children wanted to share it with friends who came over. From the two-year old to the nine-year old, every child found it engaging and wanted more. Just as Jesus used parables to teach about God's kingdom, the allegories in these videos are a fun, entertaining way to teach theology to children. My kids are begging for volume 2!

—Product review by Deanna Jasper, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April, 2016