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Infinite Math Review by Diana Malament

John Bovey,
LIVE Online Math
P.O. Box 10621
Spokane, WA 99209

Infinite Math is an online program to give students the opportunity to delve more deeply into Pre-Pre-Algebra (upper-elementary through Algebra concepts), Pre-Algebra, and Algebra concepts. Each level offers a tiered listing of the available concepts, which the parent or student peruses to locate materials that will give practice and explain the concept material that the student wants or needs more help with. Infinite Math is a great resource for students who just want more practice to help them quickly identify which solution technique to apply in a particular problem, and then how to work through the problem using that technique. Infinite Math gives students access to a wide variety of math problems on every topic within the level they are subscribed to (Pre-Pre-Algebra, Pre-Algebra, or Algebra). This is a comprehensive program, which provides step-by-step solutions, with explanations, to each problem. A two-week free trial subscription to Infinite Math is available at The general subscription rates are as follows:

Month to Month

Over the Summer

School Year

Full Year

One level

$ 9.99/mo.

$ 19.99

$ 54.99

$ 69.99

Two levels

$ 14.99/mo.

$ 29.99

$ 79.99

$ 104.99

All levels

$ 19.99/mo.

$ 39.99

$ 99.99

$ 134.99

Auto renewal

Any 3-month period

Any 9-month period

Any 12-mo. Period

How does it work?

Infinite Math is not a complete pre-Algebra or Algebra curriculum. Rather it is a helpful supplement. It is designed to accompany the company’s LIVE Online Math program or to be a helpful tool for any student in his current studies of pre-Algebra or Algebra.

The program can be used many ways:

  • The parent/teacher can locate the applicable topic section and decide upon the specific problem(s) most helpful to assist the student in the particular concept the student is working on.
  • The parent/teacher can sit with the student while the student uses Infinite Math, or the student can work on the program independently.
  • The student can peruse the program on his own, working on concepts relevant to his current assignments or working on any other concept where he knows he needs improvement.

In my home, I was the one checking the topic list and locating appropriate assignment problems relevant to the material my student was working on. My student does not have much time or patience for that type of searching right now, and is more interested in being “done” than in understanding the assignment. Locating relevant problems and explanations myself, I was able to make sure I understood the concept and then explain it to him or let him walk through the problem on line.

Each step of each problem gives the user the opportunity to work through the next step, click “Show next” to see if they did the step correctly (or to see what to do if they totally did not know). The program includes visual and tactile senses, so can be used by learners with those learning styles. Auditory learners would read the material out loud to themselves to strengthen their ability to benefit from this program. Infinite Math can be beneficial for home schoolers and classroom learners alike, but would probably be used at home (I envision it as homework time).

There were some ways in which I liked Infinite Math and some ways in which I struggled with the program.

Pro’s: I like the way the program works. The problem is presented, the student works the first step and then checks to see if he did it correctly. My student did not like it. He is never looking for extra practice. He wants me to understand the problem, explain it and help him to understand, and then move on. So, in this respect, in our family the program benefited mom, which helped student.

Con’s: Initially I found this program difficult to follow, and I could not find directions anywhere. I thought the student needed to enter work into the current problem, and I couldn’t figure out how to do it (because the student isn’t supposed to do that). I thought the “Show Next” button meant show the next problem, not show the next step. For some reason, directions are only available on the LIVE Online Math webpage. They should also be linked on the Infinite Math webpage.

Also, solution format was regularly different from what is being presented in my student’s book. My student’s book eliminates fractions as part of solving the equation, and Infinite Math does not. I was able to get past this and get the concept, but my student gets stuck every time he thinks his answer is wrong. So Infinite Math is probably a “best fit” when used with LIVE Online Math. Your own student(s) may have no problem with this difference, so try the two week trial before deciding!

Thinking of different styles of homeschooling, I think Infinite Math might be a good product for all types of homeschoolers. Unschoolers can meander through the concept list and try problems wherever their curious minds find topics of interest. Classical students can locate the concept they are working on and walk through solution steps as needed (which was my approach). I’m not sure how a unit study approach would apply to this.

Infinite Math is very affordable. A private tutor can cost upwards of $35 an hour. Many other online Math programs cost hundreds of dollars per year. The cost for my student for one year would be $69.

If you /and or your student(s) are struggling with pre-Algebra or Algebra concepts, I recommend you try Infinite Math. Sign up for their free two-week trial and decide from there. Personally I like to have as many teacher tools as possible in my toolbox for tackling situations where my student does not understand his new Algebra concepts. I am thankful to have Infinite Math available to us to help us when we are grappling with a difficult new concept. (Yes, I meant “us”. I don’t understand all of this Algebra, either!) So I recommend you give Infinite Math a try!

—Product review by Diana Malament, Schoolhouse Review Crew Team Member, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2016