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God's Priceless Woman: A Bible Course for All Ages Review by Heidi Shaw

By Wanda Kennedy Sanseri
Back Home Industries

This is an awesome Bible study. Geared to teens and older, it focuses on the Titus chapter two model of God's ideal woman. Broken into 26 lessons dealing with everything from behavior to attitudes to working in the home, this study is so interesting I couldn't wait to get started. Unlike most Bible studies that begin with a commentary and discussion, GPW starts each lesson with a Scripture and a search for meaning and lots of thinking and praying. As Mrs. Sanseri notes, we should always use the Word of God as THE primary source over any human commentary. The idea with this study is the notes reinforce or clarify concepts learned from studying the Scriptures. I love doing a study this way and was surprised at how unprepared I was to develop my own thoughts and ideas without being led there.

GPW utilizes character sketches featuring major women of the Bible. This is intriguing as some of them I have never even considered before. It gets so easy to gloss over certain pieces of scripture when you have heard or read them before. Mrs. Sanseri takes us gently, yet encouragingly, into the knowledge of God’s truths, desires for us, and, above all, His love for us.

Putting an emphasis on all the things that society seems NOT to value, this study can help equip our daughters (and, indeed, ourselves) to properly balance with the right perspective, all the exciting events that life will bring us. I intend to do this study with my 17-year-old daughter, but it would work equally well in a small group atmosphere. The author has incredible life stories to share and she does it so well that I found myself refreshed after just doing the first lesson. God’s Priceless Woman will bless you. And you just might be surprised at how many of the things important to God are not those important to today’s society. I choose God’s way. I can’t wait to start this study. Read Titus, chapter 2 verses 3-5, and you will want to do this study too! Mrs. Sanseri is the author of Spell to Write and Read and the W.I.S.E. guide. She has all kinds of goodies on her web site and I encourage you to go and take a look.

-- Product review by: Heidi Shaw, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine