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The Big Pig Stampede Review by Jennifer Allen

Bob Hartman
(800) 323-9400
351 Executive Drive
Carol Stream, IL 60188

The Big Pig Stampede written by Bob Hartman is a witty 175 page chapter book written for kids age 8-12. He has excellent ability to weave the miracles of Jesus into an entertaining, engaging story that appeals to children.

In The Big Pig Stampede, we join Gideon (aka Goat Boy) as he travels through Palestine with his father, brother and somewhat annoying friends. His father, a merchant, buys and sells various things such as wine, fish, bread and livestock. While Gideon is stuck tending the livestock, his brother Sampson gets to help his father in the market stall. Not only is Gideon stuck with the livestock, he is stuck with an older brother who is makes his life more difficult.

Through a series of unlikely events, Gideon and his friends become witnesses to many of the miracles performed by Jesus; including turning water into wine, raising a girl from the dead and walking on water. Gideon tries to understand the events that are happening around him while trying to grasp the idea that Jesus is more than just an ordinary Rabbi.

My nine year old son has found The Big Pig Stampede to be funny and entertaining. I liked how the stories of Jesus’ miracles are woven into the storyline. The chapters, which are 10-16 pages long, are the perfect length for a budding reader’s attention span. There are also cartoon like illustrations, scattered throughout the book, which he has enjoyed. The Big Pig Stampede has been a fun addition to our library.

-Product Review by Jennifer Allen, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2015