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Love From A Star Review by April Elstrom

Katherine Cutchin Gazzetta
Sleeping Bear Press
(800) 487-2323
2395 South Huron Parkway, Suite 200
Ann Arbor MI 48104

As a mom, I have to admit I love children's books, especially bedtime stories. Love From A Star is a picture book for young children that fits all my qualifications for a bedtime story. It has colorful illustrations, is short and easy to read, and tucks children into bed with the comforting knowledge that they are safe and loved.

This hardcover book comes with a dust-cover and measures 8 inches high by 10.25 inches wide. The illustrations by author, Katherine Cutchin Gazzetta, are beautiful watercolor paintings of a young bear being put to bed. The twenty-five pages are all painted in shades of blue with highlights of yellow. The bear and his bunny friend look snuggly-cute and adorable.

The text of Love From A Star is written in rhyme. Each two-page spread has a full-page illustration on one side, two lines of text and a smaller illustration on the other side. The rhythm of the text flows naturally, making it easy to read a page, turn the page, and keep reading. It has a gentle rhythm and rhyme that help calm a child at bedtime.

I do have one concern that may be an issue for some parents. Love From a Star states that a star is watching over the bear, put there by God for that purpose. The star is actually personified and the book is written as if the star is speaking to the bear. The star says that seeing the star in all sorts of places shows that God is always with them and they are never alone. The book ends by saying the star is the light in God's eye.

Although I do believe God places guardian angels to watch over us, I still prefer to put the emphasis on God Himself, rather than angels or stars. In our family, we read Love From a Star and then wrap up with the reminder that God is always watching over them, rather than a star. We have taught our children that God made the stars (and all creation), and after reading this book we have also told our children that seeing the stars can remind us God is watching over us. However, some families may prefer to avoid this book and the need for explanation altogether.

The cuteness of this book has made it a favorite for bedtime with my youngest two children, ages two and five. I love that I can read it quickly, fit in a second book, and still be able to put them to bed in a relatively short time. It is charming and sweet!

—Product Review by April Elstrom, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February, 2016