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Magix Movie Edit Pro 2015 Review by Dawn Oaks


Magix Movie Edit Pro 2015 edition is a Windows friendly movie editing and formatting software package. This tool is great for home or business use. It could also very easily be the platform for a student wanting to do lots of hands-on work in a course in Film Production.

The software we received came on a physical CD that was very easy to load. There was a short instruction booklet included to help get you started. Much more detailed instructions were found in the software directories that provided step by step instructions in completing many of the functions that the software has to offer.

Speaking of functionality, Magix Movie Edit Pro is not lacking in this way at all. It allows you to do just about anything that you would want to do with video production. The first step is in creating the project file and then the sky is the limit. You are able to import video/image files from a variety of formats as well as audio files to bring them together into a professional quality film. 

Once the video and audio components are imported, the real fun begins. There are an assortment of special effects that can be added as well as up to 32 tracks that can be over-layed. The high quality special effects that can be applied to your video segments go hand in hand with the tools that allow for full editing of all audio components. Before completing your project and burning it to DVD, Blu-ray, or uploading to the internet, you have the opportunity to give it the finished feel with custom menu designs.

Magix Movie Edit Pro is most certainly a comprehensive, professional movie editing software. Being a drag and drop kind of person when working on creative projects, my initial response was one of feeling quite overwhelmed. There was terminology to learn and just time to get a handle on how it all worked. I would have been lost and probably would have thrown in the towel if it weren’t for the great documentation that came with the software. This was not the insert in the package, but the documentation file in the program folder after installation. The user manual that this truly is made all the difference in successfully putting together my first project.

When considering the use of this software application in our family and homeschool, I could see it being useful in formatting high quality family videos. The bigger benefit would be for those students that wish to pursue a future in the area of film production. Magix Movie Edit Pro is a high quality movie editing package that will allow your child to transform their raw video and audio files into masterpieces. This could be the tool you have been looking for to be the platform for hands-on exploration of film production and the earning of elective or fine arts credit hours.

-Product review by Dawn Oaks, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine