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The Mystery of History Volume II: The Early Church and the Middle Ages (Audio MP3s) Review by Kayla Arrowood

Linda Lacour Hobar
Mystery of History
7849 Elm Leaf Dr.
Germantown, TN 38138

The Mystery of History Volume II: The Early Church and the Middle Ages (Audio MP3s) are very easy to use. You simply download them to your computer, or MP3 player, for listening on the go or at your kitchen table. I actually have one MP3 player just for my Mystery of History lessons. I did have to purchase a speaker so that we could use the MP3 player more than just on my computer. The entire Volume 2 is divided into 4 quarters, each quarter is $11.00. You have to download each quarter separately. The MP3 downloads are professionally recorded, and are beautifully put together by the author Linda Lacour Hobar. Her voice is so easy to listen to, and beautiful music is added in to make it interesting. You need nothing else to complete your learning, however Mystery of History has some wonderful components to help those children that need more than a story.

This audio series covers exactly what the title says: The Early Church and the Middle Ages! Quarter 1: The Fire Ignites (AD 29-476) starts right at Pentecost, the First Followers of Jesus, Saul turned Paul, and his missionary journeys. Quarter 1 ends with the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Quarter 2: The Fire Spreads (AD 500 - 871), begins with Daily Life in the Dark Ages, and ends with Alfred the Great, King of England. Quarter 3: The Fire Grows (AD 874 - 1192) begins with a chapter on Iceland and you move into studying the New Zealand Maori, and end the quarter with the Shoguns and Samurai of Japan. Quarter 4: The Fire Shines (AD 1210 - 1456) begins with St. Francis of Assisi, St. Clara, and St. Dominic, and takes you through Johannes Gutenberg Invents the Printing Press. As you can see, you cover a great deal of history!

The MP3’s are able to go anywhere your homeschooling needs to go. That is the wonderful aspect of having them portable to go with you. We have listened to the stories/lessons on the trampoline, in the car, at the kitchen table, all while coloring the notebooking pages that go with the lessons; and even while lying on the couch. I love the flexibility that the MP3’s give me for our homeschooling. My children enjoy it greatly. They love her voice and the music that goes with it. I have three children, and we use the lessons together to save my sanity. My daughter loves the stories so much that she will come and take the MP3 player, and listen to them in her room at different points throughout the day. The MP3’s would be great for any child that loves listening to stories. My children are 9, 11 and 14, and we enjoy them a lot.

If I was to suggest anything to the author, I think it would be a great option to have a no-music version because some children actually get distracted by too much audio. I also believe that since you are getting an instant download, that they might consider a price reduction. Actual physical CD’s cost more to produce. It might be nice to see a price break for saving them this cost.

Overall, my family loves Mystery of History. Previously, I bought and used Volume 1. We all enjoyed it and learned a great deal. Volume 2 has been no different. My family are passionate lovers of Mystery of History products, and having the ability and privilege to review this Volume was a blessing for us.

—Product Review by Kayla Arrowood, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2015