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Tech Armor Review by Cristi Schwamb

Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector
Tech Armor SlimProtect Thinnest iPhone Case
Tech ArmorPremium Apple Certified Braided Lightning Cable, 6 Feet
(855) 482-7667
1732 Aviation Blvd., Suite 335
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

We’re a family that loves our electronic devices: iPhones, iPods, Kindles, etc. I’d love to say that we’re always very, very careful with them, but alas, we’re not. I’m guilty of just tossing my iPhone into my very large purse or even worse, letting slip out of my hands when I’m juggling carrying too much at one time.

Tech Armor sent me a Ballistic Glass Screen Protector (retail cost $9.95) to put on my iPhone. In the past, I’ve often had a plastic screen protector to keep my screen from getting scratched. The Ballistic Glass Protector is far superior to any of the thin plastic one I’ve used. To start with, the installation was amazingly simple. I cleaned my phone screen with the included microfiber cloth, and then easily put the Ballistic Glass screen protector down. I didn’t get any bubbles under the protector at all. Furthermore, because this screen protector is made of very thin, very strong glass, it feels like the original screen on my iPhone. I don’t notice any difference between using my iPhone without any screen protector and using it with the Ballistic Glass Protector in place. It feels the same, and is just as responsive as it was before putting on the protector. It seems like it gets fewer fingerprints than when I didn’t have the protector on it. As for how well it protects, I haven’t gotten any surface scratches on my screen or the protector.

Along with using a Ballistic Glass Screen Protector, I also snapped a charcoal Tech Armor SlimProtect Thinnest iPhone case (retail cost $14.95) on my phone. My favorite thing about this case is that it doesn’t add much bulk to my iPhone. I can still slide it into my wallet or even the back pocket of my jeans. I actually prefer having it in the case because my phone doesn’t seem quite so likely to slide out of my hands when using it. I didn’t intentionally subject my iPhone to any abuse in order to make sure it was protected, but I’ve been more than impressed with how it has held up to the regular accidents I’ve had. The other day, a drink spilled and the puddle reached over to where my phone was resting. The outside of my case was wet, but the one-piece design of the SlimProtect case kept any liquid from seeping up and getting on my phone. Similarly, my iPhone has survived at least a couple of drops onto hard surfaces. I know that I dropped it at least once while I was out running. My heart sunk as it tumbled across the pavement, but my iPhone is as good as new; even the screen is still perfect.

Charging cables are always in high demand around our house, and I was thrilled to find that Tech Armor also sent me a Premium Apple Certified Braided Lightning Cable (6 feet, retail cost $14.95). I gave the charging cable to my teenage son because he somehow manages to break many charging cables. The Braided cable has held up fabulously to my son’s abuse. He even took the cable to church camp where it got shoved in a crowded bag, dropped in the dirt, stepped on, and generally just treated poorly. The cable is a thick braided material that is not coming apart at all; it doesn’t even look like it’s starting to get weak at the ends. I’m amazed that any cord can survive my son’s test, and this one passed with flying colors.

I’m very impressed with the quality of all the Tech Armor products we’ve used. They have definitely stood up to all the abuse that our family dishes out.

-Product review by Cristi Schwamb, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2015