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Bubble Thing Review by Charlotte Gochnauer

Bubble Thing
319 West 106th St. #2A
New York, NY 10025

Who doesn’t like to play with bubbles? People of all ages will love playing with the Bubble Thing.

This fun contraption is very easy to use. It consists of a open and closable fabric loop attached to a sturdy plastic wand. To make these incredible bubbles you soak the Bubble Thing in the Bubble Mixture, open the loop, and then move the wand through the air. When the bubble is the desired size, you close the flap. And your bubble is created! The flap opens to 90 inches so you can imagine the size of the bubbles you can make. The materials used to make the Bubble Thing are sturdy; my kids have played with it numerous times, and it is as good as new.

The kit came with a Big Bubble Mix. All you need to make the mixture is a large bucket, hot water, a cup of dish soap, and a couple tablespoons of the Big Bubble Mix. The kit comes with a Big Bubble Mix refill; we used it three or four times a week for a few weeks and only went through half of the bottle. On the days when we didn’t use all the solution, we would cover it and store it on our patio. The directions were so easy my nine year-old was even able to mix up a batch.

And the bubbles that they made were amazing! They were very sturdy bubbles, and held their shape until touching the ground or an object. We had fun seeing how long a bubble we could make and the kids would get a running start. My husband started making larger, oval shaped ones, by moving very slowly and closing the flap quickly. And then we all got soapy and tried holding some of the smaller bubbles in our hands.

The package comes with other bubble ideas and tips that were very helpful. Some of the tips were using the Bubble Thing on a more humid day, or muggy morning. The bubbles are even sturdier on damp days, when there is more moisture in the air. There are also some fun game ideas too.

I was surprised at how much the kids enjoyed this. And us parents too! It became quite a competition to see who could make the largest one, or who could hold their bubble the longest. We tried spinning the bubble around a person, and making double bubbles. My youngest figured out how to make ‘snow’: she closed the flap, got it all soapy, and then spun around in circles. Tiny bubbles flew off of the loop and it did seem like it was snowing.

The Bubble Thing is perfect for park days, birthday parties, and just a fun afternoon in the backyard. And it is fun for all ages! So get one of these fun contraptions, just in time for summer.

-Product Review by Charlotte Gochnauer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2015