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Why I Love My Mom Review by Stephanie, Chelsea, and Ryan Scarborough

By: Denise Hong and Andrew Hong
Illustrated by Paul Lopez and Denise Hong
Platinum Books
P.O. Box 660876
Arcadia, CA 91066-0876

A mother and son team writes the children's book Why I Love My Mom. Time with mom verses materialism is a message the children of today so need to hear. Denise and Andrew's book points out simple pleasures such as exploring, enjoying and understanding nature, far surpassing the fun of electronic games and toys.

My children, Chelsea and Ryan (ages 9 and 8 respectively) said, "You should give great compliments to this book. It teaches you a lesson about what's really important." Also, they said we should ask Mrs. Hong and Andrew, "When are you going to make another book for dads?"

Both of my children are writers and illustrators with vivid imaginations. Accomplished students such as Andrew inspire them that, they too, can become published if they so desire.

Moreover, their expression of gratitude that I spend so much time with them and their thanks to me for schooling them was very heartwarming. Those moments of praise let me know that they applied what they learned from this book to their life.... immediately and specifically.

The end of the book allows children to respond to simple statements such as "You make me giggle when..." and "When I'm sad, you make me feel better by..." Also pages are included for illustrations and photograph of your special relationship. What's better than reading a book together and then expressing in words and deeds how important someone is to you? This is a book of significance and another keepsake for my memory box.

--Product Review by: Stephanie, Chelsea, and Ryan Scarborough, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine