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What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy: Our Created Solar System Vol. I What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy: Our Created Stars and Galaxies Vol. II Review by Charlotte Gochnauer

Spike Psarris
Creation Astronomy

I love studying astronomy. Ever since I was young, I have been intrigued by the planets and stars. Since this is one of my favorite things to learn about, I really want to give my children a love for it as well. But in this world, an evolutionary approach is the most common, and a creationist perspective can be hard to find.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover Creation Astronomy and their DVD series, led by Spike Psarris. Mr. Psarris was once an engineer for the United States’ military space program. When he began working there, he was an atheist and believed in evolution. But after years of study, he became a creationist and a Christian, and has since left that organization. He has produced two DVD’s on Astronomy, and how the universe itself proves that the creation view is correct

The first DVD in the series is Our Created Solar System. The DVD is 110 minutes long and goes through each of the planets in our solar system. There is a brief introduction about the planet and its statistics. It is really fascinating to hear how the environment is on other planets. The information focuses on what most of us have heard from a secular perspective, and then shows what the actual evidence shows us. And time and time again we see that from a scientific perspective, creation is proven to be correct. Some of the examples of this are the cores of Mercury and Venus, which according to evolutionary scientists, should not be as they are, given the age of millions of years. There are many other pieces of evidence given in the segments; the atmospheres, orbits, compositions of the planets, and number of craters; these are all evidence for creation. At the end of each segment is a conclusion called “What You Haven’t Been Told About…” This section was a very helpful overview of each planet and truth behind the scientific exploration and study.

The second DVD is a focus on stellar astronomy; those stars and galaxies that are farther away from us. Some of the topics covered in this 63 minute DVD are Star and Galaxy Formation, Defying the Evolutionary Theory, and the Biblical Model. Through the chapters the evolutionary theories are given and the flaws in these theories are brought to the surface. One example of this is that scientists are finding large (older) galaxies very far away from the center of our universe. This is the opposite of what the evolutionary theory tells us we should expect, and proves that the Biblical model fits our universe. Through both of the DVD’s, many quotes are cited and given. It is compelling to see how many prominent evolutionary scientists do admit that most of what they hold to does not fit the scientific model. Truly, many of them admit that the universe and the planets in our solar system do defy the evolutionary model, and point to Intelligent Design.

This DVD series is very well put together; I was really impressed with the computer graphics and animation. It was very interesting to watch, with incredible shots of our amazing universe. All of my kids watched this together, from ages 9-18. We watched a couple segments at a time, which was the perfect length for our daily science. I had the older ones take notes while they watched the segments, and I asked the younger ones to sketch pictures of what they saw as they were watching. We also made up charts with facts about the planets; what they were made of, what atmosphere they had, and information about their moons and orbit. The DVD really started some interesting conversations, especially with my older children. We talked about evolution itself, and how we scientifically prove things. We found that, the idea of proving things through science, actually disproves many astronomical evolutionary theories!

There was one section that brought me to tears. It was a tour of the cosmos, traveling from our planet outwards at the speed of light, which is 671 million miles per hour. We traveled past the planets in minutes and hours, and then took years and years to reach even the nearest galaxy. The size of our universe is jaw dropping. And right at that moment, when my brain couldn’t wrap itself around that distance, Mr. Psarris shared a verse from Isaiah 40: “…lift up your eyes on high, and see Who has created these stars….” Truly, our universe is amazing, and our God is wonderful.

These DVD’s help to show the power of creation, and in a beautiful way, how our stars and sky prove that God created them. And they are wonderful addition to our viewing library, and even helped by giving my older children, scientific proof that evolution is an incorrect theory.

-Product review by Charlotte Gochnauer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2015