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Sommertime Books Review by Teri Lucas

By: Carl Sommer
Advance Publishing

I received four of the Sommertime books for children to review from The Old Schoolhouse. I requested these books as I had previously reviewed several other titles and knew them to be of high quality, but most of all my son and I thought that they were just plain FUN! Besides highlighting a character trait that I would like to develop in my children, the books are well written and colorful. The stories are unique and inviting. The audios are cheerful and captivating. Sommertime books have great "kid-appeal" with "parent approval."

No Longer a Dilly Dally is the story of two families of ants. You guessed it- the first is industrious and hard working. The second just wants to have fun. Does this sound familiar? About mid-January, I think most homeschoolers can relate...No Longer a Dilly Dally does a tremendous job of extolling the virtue of hard work without sounding preachy. The best part of the story was that the second family was able to learn from their mistakes and mend their ways.

No One will Ever Know stresses obedience to parents. Johnny and Janie are two little squirrel children who learn that it is always best to obey your parents even when you don't always understand why. In a very gentle way this story shows how young Johnny's life was effected forever by his wrong decision. Johnny even learns how to be happy in spite of his new disability.

Can You Help Me Find My Smile? is about a boy named Teddy who learns that true happiness can only be found when we take the focus off of ourselves and begin to concentrate on helping others. Teddy tries all kinds of "things" to find his smile, but only when he tries to make someone else happy does he get his smile back.

The Great Royal Race features a young princess who is not only kind and gracious, but also proves to be wise as well when she must choose a king in marriage. Elizabeth must choose between 3 suitors: Simon who was wise and knew just what to say in every situation, Thomas who was strong and handsome, and John, a common man who was a dreamer. The princess learns that things are not always as they appear to be...appearances can be deceiving. She learns to look beyond popularity and beauty into the heart. This is a wonderful story for both girls and boys alike as each will take something of value from it.

At our house, Sommertime books are big hits. Every child will find someone in the story to relate to. Even the parents will enjoy listening to these delightful tales.

--Product Review by: Teri Lucas, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine