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Natural & Earth Science Flash Cards Review by Jen Steed

170 W 74th Street, New York, NY 10023
Reviewed in2015

One of the tools we like to use for our tactile learner is flashcards because she can see them; hear them being read to her; and can touch, hold, shuffle, and otherwise manipulate them. eeBoo has created a set of Natural & Earth Science Flash Cards that are as beautiful as they are educational.

The Natural & Earth Science Flash Cards are the typical flashcard size (about 4x6) and are beautifully illustrated and glossy. There are 48 cards covering 6 topics: Under the Water, Fossils & Minerals, Mammals & Marsupials, Weather & Celestial, Birds & Leaves, and Flowers & Bugs. The face of each card has an illustration of the topic, the category to which it belongs, and its name. The reverse has a few sentences about the topic.

The instructions tell the “student” to try to guess or anticipate the information on the card. The idea is that, after several uses, the student will learn much of the information on the back of the card. Even though these cards are intended for age 5 and up, I used them primarily with my three-year-old. She was engaged with most of the topics. We chose one category per week and talked about two or three of the cards each day as a part of “school.”

One drawback is that the cards are a bit thin. Coming from eeBoo, I would have expected them to be a bit sturdier for more frequent use. Because of this, I was afraid to let my daughter handle them as much as she would have liked. It felt like laminated paper, not even card stock weight.

The Natural & Earth Science Flash Cards are a great way to talk about unusual science topics for families who enjoy learning no matter how they receive their education. Due to their flexibility, they would be great for a Charlotte Mason or unschooling home. They would also be a good enrichment tool for any child interested in science or studying any of the Earth & Natural science topics listed above.

Overall, if you have a child who is interested in science, these unusual flashcards would make a great resource. At $6.99, they are the kind of thing I might have on hand for road trips, Easter baskets, or Christmas stockings, or even for losing a tooth. Though I used them with a three-year-old, I would stick to the recommended age due to the durability, content, and lack of any sort of “game” that would interest a younger child.

-Product review by Jen Steed, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2015