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Hello Numbers Discovery Pack Review by Jenn Porsche

Dr. Rebecca Klemm
Numbers Alive
975 F Street, NW
Washington DC, 20004-1454
(202) 652-1820
Reviewed in2015

Hello Numbers Discovery Pack is a hands-on, educational learning kit designed for ages 3-8 designed to help introduce your child to the world of numbers. This product, which sells for $62, includes 4.5-inch machine-washable plush numbers zero through nine, as well as a storybook, all held in a handy backpack with two pockets. The numbers can be seen through the clear outside pocket. Each number is a different color with a friendly, smiling face on the front and raised black dots on the back that correspond with its number. The numbers can be connected by magnets located inside each plush character.

The storybook, Hello Numbers, is written by Dr. Klemm, “The Numbers Lady.” This book is 29 pages long with an additional two pages of stickers and tells a rhyming story pertaining to each of the numbers. The back of the book has an envelope for a secret decoder that is included which the child uses throughout the story to reveal special hidden pictures on each page. The child also has the ability to decorate two pages in the back of the book with the stickers, thus personalizing the book. As an added note, if your child happens to lose the decoder or needs more stickers, the instructions on the back of the book state you simply have to send in a self-addressed stamped envelope to receive a replacement!

My three-year-old’s eyes lit up when she first saw the Hello Numbers Discovery Pack. We sat down together to read the book. In one hand, she held the decoder so she could see what special pictures were hidden. As we turned each page, she held up the plush number that corresponded to the number we were reading about. The book not only talks about numbers but also mentions shapes and objects that have the same number of sides as each number that we were reading about. The pages of the book were very colorful and kept her attention.

While my daughter has been counting to 20 for a while, being able to physically see & feel the raised dots on the back of the number helped her associate actual amounts. She would touch each dot and count out loud, all while being able to see what the actual plush number was. This helped her recognize the number when it was written out. We also worked on connecting the numbers in pairs with their magnets so she could start recognizing two-digit numbers.

The Hello Numbers Discovery Pack also came with a list of additional activities using the numbers. One activity had my daughter lay each number out and place objects (such as pennies) in front of each of them, counting them out to match them with the number. I also mixed up the numbers and had her line them up in the correct order. I could see using these numbers to help teach her basic addition and subtraction, in which case it would’ve been handy for this kit to come with a plush addition, subtraction, and equal sign as well.

My daughter enjoys the multi-sensory approach the Hello Numbers Discovery Pack has given her which, in turn, has helped her gain a better understanding of counting and recognizing numbers. Whether you homeschool or not, the Hello Numbers Discovery Pack is a great tool for helping any child learn their numbers.

-Product Review by Jenn Porsche, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2015