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The Flood of Noah: Legends and Lore of Survival Review by Leah Courtney

EditedBodie Hodge and Laura Welch
IllustratorBill Looney
Master Books
PO Box 726
Green Forest, AR 72638
(800) 999-3777
Reviewed in2015

 The Flood of Noah is a large twenty-four-page hardcover book that contains a collection of information about the global flood as recorded in the Bible, as well as accounts of the flood from around the world. The information is taught in a variety of ways—fold-out charts, pull-out sections, mini-books containing Scripture or various flood legends, and beautiful illustrations. The book retails for $18.99.

Many different cultures have flood stories. The authors of The Flood of Noah point out that some secularists use this as proof that the flood was not an actual event. However, the authors use these flood legends to prove, instead, that the flood did occur as recorded in the Bible.

The material presented in the book is very detailed and complete. The Flood of Noah is a great resource for Bible, history, and science homeschool studies. In our homeschool, the book ties in well with our study of ancient cultures and with Old Testament reading. There is information in the book about the scientific proofs and possibilities of a global flood, making this a good accompaniment to a science study as well.

Although the website doesn’t provide a suggested age for using The Flood of Noah, it fits the ages of my children—upper elementary to high school. With my younger children, I would read a section and show them the charts and illustrations. My older children could read it for themselves.

Besides being a great resource for homeschool studies, this book would be great for family reading and discussions. My children like a rousing discussion, and comparing the different flood legends and how they relate to the Biblical flood makes for lively discussion.

This book is particularly good for a visual learner. I myself am a visual learner and love the charts, pictures, and other fold-outs.

The Flood of Noah has many great features. It is large and sturdy, which makes it ideal for family read-aloud time. The colorful illustrations are beautiful. The pull-outs, fold-outs, and mini-books certainly grab our attention. The charts that show comparisons between the cultural flood legends and the Biblical flood make the information easier to understand. I also like that the book answers some of the common questions about the flood, such as “How could all of the animals have fit on the ark?” and “Could Noah’s ark have survived a global flood?”

I’ve always been pleased with the quality of products from Master Books. They are all wonderful for teaching from a Christian worldview in an intellectual and thorough way. The Flood of Noah is another great addition to my growing collection of resources from this company. The scientific and historical evidence of the Biblical flood during Noah’s time is presented in an interesting and straightforward way that makes this an easy-to-use book. This is another Master Books resource I can highly recommend.

-Product Review by Leah Courtney, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2015