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America's Story: The History of the Pledge of Allegiance Review by Jennifer Miller

Tricia Raymond
Liberty Aloud

America's Story: The History of the Pledge of Allegiance is a comprehensive history book about how and why our nation’s pledge was created and the changes made to it. This 87 page paperback book includes pictures and copies of historical documents relevant to the text. The information is shared in an easy to read story format.

This book shares facts about the history of the Pledge of Allegiance to our American flag in an engaging story format. Our entire family enjoyed it as a read aloud with frequent breaks to look at the historical pictures that filled the pages. One of the images shared was a copy of a handwritten letter by President Benjamin Harrison in lovely script.

Do you know why the Pledge to our flag was written or who wrote it? Do you know when it was changed and what the changes were? An informative explanation of the significance behind the words "under God" that mimic the wording from a famous presidential speech is also shared.

This book is a history lesson unlike any other we have read. Historical facts from the late 1800's through the mid 1900's are included. I loved reading about how one man's idea for every schoolhouse in our country to have a flag became reality. The author shared how our whole nation celebrated a historic occasion together and students nationwide shared the words of the pledge to our flag. From how the salute to the flag was standardized to the popular magazine that was involved in getting flags into every American school, the historical details surrounding the story of the pledge are explained.

This story is well written. I recommend the book America's Story: The History of the Pledge of Allegiance to any family wanting to read a living history book about the United States of America.

Product Review by Jennifer Miller, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2014