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TheBabaSling Review by Leslie Talley

2919 Canton Street
Dallas, TX 75226

TheBabaSling by Joovy is a comfortable and easy to use baby carrier with five different carryingpositions and its own storage bag. This hammock style carrier has an extra padded shoulder and two padded railings offering support not only for the baby but for the wearer as well. Its unique design makes it a one size fits all baby carrier with easy to adjust straps. TheBabaSling offers ten beautiful color options: Charcoal, Daydream, Deep Blue, Dolphin Grey, Fuchsia, Lavender, Midnight Black, Scarlet Red, Turquoise and Organic. Included with the sling is an instruction booklet showing safety, care and use instructions. If the instructions illustrated in the booklet aren’t helpful enough they also offer video instructions on their website.

The age requirement for theBabaSling is newborn to 2 years of age with a minimum weight requirement of 7.7 pounds and a maximum weight requirement of 33 pounds. The five different carrying positions are Easy Tiger, Sleeping Tiger, Koala Cuddle, Little Joey and Side Saddle. The Easy Tiger and Sleeping Tiger positions make breastfeeding easy and discreet.

TheBabaSling has been very easy to use. I especially like the extra padding in the shoulder strap. Most baby carriers eventually cause neck pain but this sling has not. I have four young children and my youngest is 2 months old and likes to be held a lot. This sling gives me the option of meeting her needs, her siblings’ needs and the household chores. The instruction booklet was useful but I found the video located on Joovy’s website very helpful.

It would be nice if the sling was easier to put into the storage bag. It is not impossible to get it to fit and I do like how compact it stores but instructions on how to properly fold it would be very helpful. The storage bag’s drawstring closure is difficult to open one handed. A zipper along the side would make it easier and quicker to both store the sling as well as get it out for use.
I would recommend this sling.  It did not take long to master the basic carrying positions and as my baby gets older I am looking forward to trying the other positions.

Product Review by Leslie Talley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, 2013