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After the Snow Falls Review by Renata Finch

Carey Jane Clark

After the Snow Falls is the debut novel by author Carey Jane Clark. Its touching story caters to an adult reading audience, although anyone with a mature outlook would appreciate this novel. After the Snow Falls is available as an ebook for $4.99 or paperback for $13.49.

Although After the Snow Falls is not a homeschool product, it may be suitable as a literary resource for teenage students who are mature enough to process through the deeper issues in life. I would recommend initial reading by a parent to ensure that this would be suitable for your particular student. It would not be appropriate for younger students due to the sensitive nature of the subjects explored within the tale.

After the Snow Falls is for general reading enjoyment. It is the story of a mother who must face the unthinkable, a son who must cling to his very last glimpse of hope and a father who must travel the journey of the unwelcome prodigal. The characters are relatable, the story is realistic and the writing is well composed. 

I sat with tears running down my face as the drama unfolded within the pages. It is a highly emotional, yet touching story. It will ensure you continue to ponder the deeper issues long after the pages are closed. Carey Jane Clark smoothly weaves the parallel stories of a wayward father and his troubled daughter seamlessly to tell a poignant tale of pain and grief, yet ultimately hope and forgiveness. Although your emotions are raw many times throughout the reading, the end leaves you rejoicing. Through the difficult journeys the characters must traverse, Carey Jane Clark cleverly portrays God’s steadfast faithfulness within each step.

After the Snow Falls is written from a Christian perspective. It deals with realistic, yet often difficult issues that many people have to face. It is not always a ‘feel good’ book as the characters battle with both their internal and external struggles throughout the novel, yet the story culminates into a beautiful picture of love, hope and peace that is difficult to leave behind. Not all the issues raised are directly relevant to the tale, however they give you a deeper understanding of both the characters themselves and ultimately God’s undiscriminating forgiveness.

After the Snow Falls touched something deep within me and made me more sensitive to the suffering of others. Conversely it also made me so much more thankful for the many blessings I already have. After the Snow Falls is a well-balanced, compelling novel that I would highly recommend to woman of all ages.

Product Review by Renata Finch, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, 2013