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Super Star Speech Expanded Form Review by Linda Beltran

Deborah Lott
Super Star DML Publishing
2702 Gawain Rd.
Huntsville, AL 35803

Super Star Speech Expanded Edition is written by Deborah Lott. She has a master’s degree in pathology and is a homeschooling mother of four. She also teaches speech therapy part time.  She has recognized a need for parents in this area.  As a mother with children whom have difficulty with a few speech sounds I’m grateful that Deborah for writing Super Start Speech.

Super Star Speech Expanded Edition includes all five Super Star Speech books:

  • Super Star Speech-Speech Therapy Made Simple
  • Super Star R and L
  • Super Start S, Z, and Sh
  • Super Star Ch, J, and Th
  • Super Star Speech Supplement

Also included in this 300+ page E-book is Articulation Test which will help the parent determine what sounds the child needs to work on. Certain sounds should be mastered at different ages.  There are many practice pages, drills, games, and over 600 picture cards.

What I love about this program is it includes all of the Super Star Speech books. I f you have more than one child who needs help you have it all. The only other item that was needed was a mirror and we had one that can be propped on the table.

I received the E-book version which can be purchased for $29.95. What I did was print all 315 pages. This was my ‘teacher manual’; I printed pages for each child as they were needed. In my book I would write notes, their progress, and things I wanted to remember for our next lesson.
For every letter there is an introduction of how that letter(s) is produced. This is when you want to use the mirror so you can make sure that you and your child are producing the sound correctly. Miss Lott gives detailed instruction so you know where to place your tongue, position lips, and/or teeth are open or closed.

Once you have read the introduction and tips you are ready to use the worksheets. Some are interactive and have the child trace a row of letters with their finger, when they come across the sound they are working on they say that sound. Another activity is to circle the picture that has for example the ‘ch’ sound and they are to say the sound five times. There are also Practice Pages that are done orally with the child.

Deborah did a wonderful job with keeping the program engaging and fun. There are tons of games which if needed gives further practice for the particular sound your child is working on. You can have your child color and glue them to a file folder or put them together before starting the program.

There are two more chapters that are very helpful and those are Consonants and Blends. With these two chapters there is no introduction or tips, only worksheets.  They are both fairly short.

My 13 year old daughter was very eager to start Super Star Speech. We would have our ‘sessions’ at night when things were not so hectic. I noticed that after a few weeks of Super Star Speech my daughter would pay more attention to how she pronounced words. She would often notice herself because we had worked on a certain sound.

With my 8 year old son Super Star Speech gave me the tools to really find which sounds we needed to work on. With my daughter I knew where to start her right away but with my son it was a bit harder for me to pin point. This is where the Articulation Test was really helpful.

My son was not as thrilled and as eager as my daughter but the games and worksheets helped to make it fun for him. They were not redundant. The games, drills, picture cards, and practice pages kept things interesting.

With both children I kept our sessions short, around 15 minutes. Especially with my 8 year old son since he has a hard time sitting still as it is.

I would highly recommend using Super Star Speech. I know it has helped both my children and as their mom, it gave me the information and tools I needed to help them.

Product Review by Linda Beltran, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, 2013