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Holiday Paper Chains / Valentine Paper Chains Review by Kate Kessler


What child doesn’t love making paper chains? I have fond memories of cutting out strips, wrapping them into a circle, stapling them, and creating designs all over the house, on the Christmas tree, or hanging from the light fixtures! I never had such pretty papers to choose from though, as what comes in the Holiday Paper Chains from eeBoo!

40 different designs in 120 different links that create a linked paper chain that is 24 feet long, these are so pretty! In mostly red and green colors, with white accents and some blue designs too, there are a lot of fun possibilities for decoration. I gave these to my girls, ages 10 and 13, and they went to serious work! I came home from an event to find beautiful strings of Christmas décor all over the house. They are lovely!

Not only do they have Christmas themed paper chains, but also other holidays are featured. We also received Valentine Paper Chains too. They have a lot of different designs as well and also create a full chain that is 24 feet long. Some of these designs included hearts (of course!) but also adorable old fashioned or “vintage” Valentine motifs like boy/girl silhouettes, plaids, doilies, flowers with faces, and lovebirds. The colors and themes are so similar that they can be used together with the Christmas chains to increase the festive look. Prices vary on the paper chains depending on where you purchase them.

I really love eeBoo products for a whole host of reasons, but their creative, playful, hands-on, and colorful aspects are some of my favorite reasons for appreciating this company. They put out so many wonderful products that range from kids games and toys to decorations and crafts. I heartily recommend eeBoo!

Product review by Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Director, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2013