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Stephanie's Busy Day a Joy the Jellyfish Adventure Review by Nichole Hinkle

Kevin Collier and Kristen Collier
Tangerine Sky Production, Ltd
1 (616) 846-1155
Grand Haven, Michigan

Stephanie’s Busy Day, is a Joy the Jellyfish Adventure e-book written by Kevin and Kristen Collier. Stephanie is a little seahorse in the wide open world of the sea. She is in school like little seahorses should be but she has difficulty keeping up with the rest of her class. The class has embarked on a trip around the sea to learn more about their life surrounding them.  Stephanie tries to keep up but no matter how fast she tries to go she always seems to miss the discussion. At the end of the trip Stephanie realizes that she hasn’t been able to learn anything.  Her friend Joy the Jellyfish offers to take her on the trip again sharing what she remembers. Will this be enough for Stephanie to pass the big test tomorrow? You will have to read to find out. Stephanie’s Busy Day is a low price of $0.99 for Kindle and $6.99 for the book on Amazon.

I used this book with my preschool and early elementary child to complete a mini unit study on the ocean. It was a fun relaxing read that told about being a friend to another and about working towards your goals. In the future I’d use the book as a part of a character study. Both of the children enjoyed the story line. It was a simple and clear text. It even had a little lesson for the teacher.

The characters in this book series is made for television. Typically this would not have been my first choice of a story for my children as I don’t like the fluff added for television but this book was different. It has a moral to the story and gave the children a pure lesson to strive toward. Now that I have been able to read the book I will probably seek out more in the series.

Product review by Nichole Hinkle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2013