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Lady Jane Grey Review by Nancy Casari Dayton

Christian Biographies for Young Readers
Simonetta Carr
Reformation Heritage Books
2965 Leonard St., NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

I had the pleasure of reviewing three other titles in the Christian Biographies series in May, 2012. At that time, Lady Jane Grey had not been published, and I have been looking forward to its release. My ten-year-old son grabbed it before I had the chance to read it myself. We are both delighted with this title! Ms. Carr explains that there is at once a lot of historical information available about Jane Grey, but there is also much embellishment. Ms. Carr did a lot of research to present a discerning account of this young woman’s life. The result is a thoroughly engaging story of a life of faith, tested to the point of death.

We learn about Jane’s childhood, her upbringing, friends and family members. Ms. Carr explains some of the culture and customs of the time. I found it interesting to learn how families often sent their children to live for a time with other families or friends who could offer better educational experiences and opportunities for a better life in the future. Ms. Carr also explains the complex politics of the government and the church in a very straight-forward manner that kids can understand. The book is targeted for kids aged 7-12.

In addition to the excellent text, this lovely hardbound book contains original illustrations by Matt Abraxas, maps, a timeline photographs, and even text of the letter Lady Jane wrote to her sister before Jane was executed. It currently lists for $14.00 on the Reformation Heritage books website. I highly recommend this particular title, as well as Ms. Carr’s Christian Biography series, not only for the engaging and inspiring stories of Christian heroes, but also for the well-researched historical context they provide. When I asked my son what he liked best about Lady Jane Grey, he said, “I like that she refused to turn Catholic even at the end of her life. She stood by the Bible.”

Product Review Nancy Casari Dayton, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2013