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The Genius of Ancient Man: Evolutions Nightmare Review by Julie Campbell

Don Landis and Jackson Hole Bible College
Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group
P.O. Box 726
Green Forest, AR 72638

The Genius of Ancient Man is a 112-page hardcover book printed on high gloss paper that is information packed. Included within those pages are beautiful images as well as detailed charts and graphs that made it really helpful for me as a visual learner. In a research endeavor, which the Jackson Hole Bible College team calls the Ancient Man Project, they spent two years gathering extensive evidence to support the biblical truth of intelligent ancient man. The Genius of Ancient Man starts at the beginning of history with the Creator and His Word, God and the Bible. A Creator that created mankind in his image, which means we were created with intelligence, not from primordial slime as the evolutionists would have us believe. Using the apologetic method of presuppositions, the team sought out to confirm these three presuppositions and used them as the outline for this book: 1. Authorship and authority of the Bible 2. Man created intelligently in God’s image 3. Babel as the origin of similarities, counterfeits.

It is stated, that throughout the twelve chapters in The Genius of Ancient Man, that caution must be taken, “because of the nature of the subject and the connections that can be made to the occult,” to read through a biblical lens and, “take everything back to the Bible.” After reading it through, I agree that many questions will arise that would be best for someone with biblical knowledge and/or maturity. God creates, Satan cannot create he only distorts/perverts/counterfeits. This book is full of examples of this and is focused on and discussed throughout, including: towers, monuments, mounds, pyramids, astronomy, human sacrifice, and rainbows. Another major theme, that covers many chapters, are the commonalities of ancient cultures worldwide. They are amazingly similar as is their intelligence in the areas of architecture, science, mathematics, technology, music, art, and travel. Just think of the massive pyramids built without machines or the musical instruments they produced and played. These are not things that the stereotypical grunting caveman of the evolutionary theory might do. If at the time that the people of Babel were dispersed amongst the whole earth; and with them went their prior knowledge, ideas, and religions. Could this account for all of those commonalities worldwide and give evidence to biblical truth?

I cannot begin to tell you how much I learned from reading this book. Not just what is printed on the pages, which is a lot, but also from the questions that arose while reading that I felt compelled to think on and go to the source, the Bible, about. It really is amazing how bringing everything back to the Bible brings clarity and truth. I was stunned at the amount of post Babel similarities there are around the world. Looking at all of the proofs presented by the Ancient Man Project team, it can only be concluded that ancient man was not the grunting caveman portrayed in secular society, but rather much more intelligent than many realize.

Product Review by Julie Campbell, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2013