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School to Home: Transitioning to Home Education Review by Debbie Ingold

Effie Hill

In our little homeschool group the number one piece of advice we give to those who come in asking for advice on homeschooling, (because they are bringing their children home from public or private school) is, “Give them time to get through the transition period.” I am always ready to jump on board and take this advice to the next level by inviting mom into my home so we can discuss just what this transition period is. Effie Hill from Light on a Hill, author freelance writer and home educator, has just given me one of the best resources for such times, School to Home: Transitioning to Home Education.

I spend a lot of time with these mothers as I relate all too well, when years ago I pulled my two older children out of public school and started the adventure in homeschooling. We almost didn’t succeed at homeschooling as I never expected what I received during the transition time. We know that we have prayed it through, picked out a great curriculum, talked to many moms who make homeschooling look so easy, but we forget something: our children have just had their world turned upside down. They seem thrilled to not have to go to school, but inside they are all wrapped in knots with questions and thoughts like, What will this look like? My mom is going to be my teacher?! Sometimes the most important thought on their mind is their friends.

Effie Hill had the same life experience after bringing her children home from private school to begin the journey of homeschooling. She addresses all the same issues that any of us face as we prepare our hearts, the hearts of our children, and transition to home education. When you first look at the book you may ask, “Is this thin book is going to tell me everything I need to know about bringing my child home?” Start reading and believe me, through a warm loving tone, with a lot of humor thrown in, Effie has managed to toss out all the unnecessary fluff, and has hit every tear, hair pulling, frustration, point of wanting to give up moments and provides a wonderful source of encouragement and advice of how to get through these times. She is very clear on how to prepare yourself to be mom and teacher as well how to prepare your children to not only be your child but now your student.

Really the only thing in this book that I would say did not reflect my views or that made me have to stop and think about was her view on socialization. Truly though it is merely her perspective view on socialization for her children.

I know I am going to be hanging on to my copy of her book, and will probably be reading it over and over again as well as recommending it to all the parents who are wondering about bringing their children home to homeschool. Some of you may be familiar with Effie’s writing and her passion. You can also visit her website, Light on a Hill to read more about her and purchase her book for $9.99.

Product review by Debbie Ingold, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June, 2013