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Young Heroes: Abolish Slavery Edition Review by Joy Kita

A Learners Guide to Changing the World
Kurt Hoffman

Young Heroes is a big and comprehensive work book with a compelling cover, sure to draw in the curious student. The pages are filled with pictures, stories, interactive questions, trivia, and thought provoking quotes. This curriculum on slavery is unique in its style and approach to engaging the student. The pages are filled with information in a layout that stimulates thought and creativity. Each chapter begins with an introduction into the theme and a follow-up question. Some proceed to case studies on historical figures or events. The questions all require intentional thought and reflection, some send the student to the internet, while others investigate personal opinion. Each chapter has a Think Tank page that challenges the student into deeper reflection, ending with a writing assignment. Finally the chapter finishes with ‘memoirs of a young hero,’ a guided journaling section with several lined pages.

This is a packed, comprehensive and challenging book geared to grades 8-12. With over 300 pages, this study chronicles the origins and rise of slavery throughout history, along with a call to action. Author Kurt Hoffman requires students to think outside their comfort zones, preconceived notions, and developed scope of knowledge, in order to see the effects of slavery on our world today. It challenges students to understand how slavery still exists, and offers resources and guidance on how to be an agent of change. This curriculum could be used as a unit study on history, current events, and writing. The book is meant to be written in and used well. It has an edgy graffiti feel to it that will appeal to teenagers. Let them doodle, draw, make notes, underline, circle, and scribble.

Young Heroes is a great choice if you are looking for a change. It is flexible enough to be catered to individual needs. Take a month, or several, to work through the information. Use it for an independent study, or a project to work through together. When circulated among homeschoolers at a teaching co-op, these were some of the responses from parents:

“Looks great, definitely something I would be interested in for next year!”

“Great layout, geared for grade 8 and up, great presentation and application.”

“I would use this thorough study aid on slavery. It is concise and thorough and demands the student become and advocate for those suffering around the world.”

Young Heroes will soon be available through Brighter Books Publishing House and Amazon. It is $29.95 for the soft cover edition with 340 packed pages. There is also a 27-page free downloadable guide to accompany teachers and students (available at the website

Product Review by Joy Kita, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2012