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Crustacean Vacation Review by Jennifer Miller

Brian Benoit
Marty Kelley
Island Port Press
P.O. Box 10
Yarmouth, Maine 04096

Crustacean Vacation is a 36-page hardcover children’s book. Each double-page spread features endearing full color illustrations and a charming story in rhyme form.

Imagine your toes sinking into warm sand and the sound of the ocean waves crashing nearby. Now you are ready to join the crab family on their Crustacean Vacation. The delightful illustrations will surely make you and your little one smile as you read of their adventures. Some parts sound suspiciously like our own family vacations: "Grownups exhausted, the kids shouting "More!" The crab family makes its way back to the shore."

Though the book is for children, the details in the illustrations will be appreciated by adults also. From the shorts made just for eight-legged large bellied crabs to the book Lobster Tails in the sand by the lobster sunning on a beach towel, the artist’s imagination is evident. I especially enjoyed all of the smiles on the faces of the crabs. Octopuses play in the arcade with a shark, puffer fishes, and other sea creatures, but crabs are the highlight of the story. This book was easily read by my eight-year-old with very little help. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys the beach, and still appreciates illustrations in children’s books, no matter their age. The only negative is that it has me dreaming of a beach vacation, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Product Review by Jennifer Miller, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2012