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Seed Sowers Gospel – Planting Adventures Review by Diane Knecht

Gwen Toliver
West Bow Press
1663 Liberty Drive
Bloomington, IN 47403

Seed Sowers Gospel – Planting Adventures is a small book of 165 pages, but is packed with wonderful, encouraging stories about God’s people and doing God’s business of spreading his word and love around the world. Seed Sowers can be purchased in hard back for $27.95, paperback for $12.55, and even as a kindle edition for as little as $3.99. Included in Seed Sowers are 21 stories from missionaries that worked in the field of linguistics translating God’s word into very difficult tribal languages. The author Gwen Toliver spent two years working on Seed Sowers but considers her family, which includes eight children, to be her main job. Currently she and her husband work with Wyclife Associates.

Seed Sowers Gospel – Planting Adventures can be utilized in so many ways. The obvious is a family read aloud or for individual devotion time. This book is also full of information about many tribes/villages/cities/cultures that could be used for a very encouraging and interesting geography study. Another avenue that could be taken for older students is the study of linguistics. The study of linguistics is fascinating and this book would work well with it. The people who go out and use their God given abilities in this field of study to translate the Bible are truly amazing. If reading the book individually the author recommends a 6th grade reading level. Seed Sowers would also be  great in a youth group setting in church for devotion times. I actually plan on giving this book as a gift to a young couple that is stepping out in faith to plant a new church. This book will bring them much encouragement during their new endeavors.

“Real everyday people” can be used to further God’s kingdom and spread Christ’s love around the world. Two things this book really taught me was that everyday people can make a difference and that miracles do still happen. So many miracles happen every day and go unnoticed. It often makes me wonder about the small and big miracles that take place around us every day but are explained away or simply overlooked. Reading Seed Sowers really brings all of this to the forefront for me. In this book you will find stories about sacrifice for God’s word. What we take for granted in America is priceless in other areas of the world. Gwen Toliver states, “Each of us can be a seed sower who does his or her part to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.” By now you can probably tell that this book made a real impact on me and I recommend it most earnestly. Really the only negative about Seed Sowers is the lack of pictures which the author does address on her website, She is rectifying this by adding pictures to the website and in all honesty the lack of photos did not detract from me loving the book.

Seed Sowers Gospel – Planting Adventures
is well worth the purchase. I would highly recommend this book for all ages. Seed Sowers is one of my favorite books I have read so far this year.

Product review by Diane Knecht, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2013