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Considering God's Creation: A Creative Biblical Approach to Natural Science Review by Dr. Heather Allen

By Susan Mortimer and Betty Smith
Eagle’s Wings Educational Materials
P.O. Box 502
Duncan, OK 73534

Considering God's Creation is an excellent curriculum for teaching science to 2nd through 7th grade children and is designed such that it is easily adaptable to multi-grade teaching.

The Teacher's Guide contains everything needed for presenting the material, including a script to facilitate the conveying of information accurately, answer keys for word searches and crossword puzzles, an extensive bibliography of related resources, and a CD with songs.

The Student Workbook includes 269 perforated pages of resource materials (e.g., puzzles, crafts, charts, graphs, games, models and other activities) and a science glossary for completing the lessons provided in the Teacher's Guide. Also, each student works toward completing a science notebook, varying in level of complexity depending on the age of the student and their efforts during the course of the school year.

The curriculum includes 36 weekly lessons designed to be completed during a normal 36-week school year. Topics covered include: Creation; My Place in the Universe; Our Solar System; Getting to Know the Planets; Our Planet Earth; Light; The Earth; The Atmosphere; Rocks; Igneous Rock; Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rock; Weather; Sun & Weather; Air and Weather; Water and Weather; Rotation & Weather; Land and Weather; Clouds; The Speed of Light, Sound and Wind; Plants; Photosynthetic Plants; Flowers; Fungus Plants; Trees; Flora & Fauna; Insects; Spiders; Classification; Fish; Reptiles; Birds; Mammals; Zoo Adventure; Amphibians; Animal Structure; Animal Food Chain; Animal Reproduction - Genetics; Animal Instinct, Vision, & Brains; Animal Ecology; Whales; Man - Reproductive System; The Cell; Man - Skeletal System; Man - Digestive System; Man - Circulatory System; Man - Respiratory System; Man - Nervous System; Man - Integumentary System; Man - Endocrine System; and Man - Muscular System.

With the exception of a few readily available household items (e.g., eggs, pans, ice, flour, a flashlight, scissors, pencils, glue, etc.), everything needed to teach from this curriculum is included in the workbook. If you are looking for an excellent, Biblically sound, science curriculum, Considering God's Creation is an outstanding choice. The authors have successfully incorporated God's creation into their lessons, have introduced appropriate Scripture for support of the concepts presented, and have made the work load for the teacher manageable. Please check out Mrs. Mortimer and Mrs. Smith's website for further information.

--Product Review by: Dr. Heather Allen, TOS Senior Analyst, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine