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ARTistic Pursuits Senior High Book One and Book Two Review by April Elsrom

Brenda Ellis
ARTistic Pursuits Inc
(303) 467-0504
2626 East 109th Avenue
Northglenn, CO 80233

Over the past 11 years, ARTistic Pursuits has become a staple in homeschool art education. Our family has tried several different art programs in the past few years, and we keep returning to ARTistic Pursuits as our favorite. We've used one of the K - 3 rd grade books, one of the junior high books, and we've enjoyed using both the senior high books, as well.

Written for students age 14 and up, the ARTistic Pursuits Senior High books each contain 16 units, which are meant to be covered in 2 weeks per unit, lasting a full school year for a full credit. There are 64 individual art lessons in those units, which also cover European art. Book One focuses on drawing, and the elements of art and composition, using drawing pencils and charcoal pencils. Book Two focuses on watercolor painting, and the use of color. Completing both courses would earn two credits in high school art.

ARTistic Pursuits Senior High books are self-taught. The students learn the mechanics of art as they study European art, and create their own projects. Each unit begins with art vocabulary, covers art appreciation and history, teaches techniques, and then assigns an application exercise. The student reads the lesson, studies artwork that illustrates the lesson, then the student completes a few assignments to help them apply what they have learned.

ARTistic Pursuits Senior High Book One: Elements of Art and Composition

  • Unit 1 - Space
  • Unit 2 - Line
  • Unit 3 - Texture
  • Unit 4 - Shape
  • Unit 5 - Form
  • Unit 6 - Value
  • Unit 7 - Contrast and Unity
  • Unit 8 - Balance
  • Unit 9 - Rhythm
  • Unit 10 - Depth by Overlapping
  • Unit 11 - Depth by Position and Size
  • Unit 12 - One and Two Point Perspective
  • Unit 13 - Atmospheric Perspective
  • Unit 14 - Proportion, the Face
  • Unit 15 - Proportion, the Figure
  • Unit 16 - Clothing the Figures

ARTistic Pursuits Senior High Book Two: Color and Composition

  • Unit 1 - Hue
  • Unit 2 - Tinting Hues
  • Unit 3 - Shading Hues
  • Unit 4 - Value of Hues
  • Unit 5 - Complementary Hues
  • Unit 6 - Neutral Hues
  • Unit 7 - Analogous Warm Hues
  • Unit 8 - Analogous Cool Hues
  • Unit 9 - Balance
  • Unit 10 - Rhythm
  • Unit 11 - High View Point
  • Unit 12 - Low View Point
  • Unit 13 - Emphasis, Placement
  • Unit 14 - Emphasis, Size
  • Unit 15 - Emphasis, Value
  • Unit 16 - Developing Original Art

ARTistic Pursuits is a spiral-bound, softcover textbook with a plastic protective cover for sturdiness. The text has a comfortable font size, a well-structured layout, and an attractive design. The books each begin with a list of required materials, and each unit also contains a list of what will be needed for that particular lesson. The back of the book contains an evaluation sheet to guide the parent in grading their student's assignments. This textbook is completely non-consumable and reusable. It can be used with each of your children as they reach high school age or with two children at once.

I have to admit that I simply love ARTistic Pursuits. Neither my high school daughter nor I have any complaints whatsoever about the program. She enjoys the lessons, and the assignments. Just holding the books and flipping through the pages inspires her to continue creating art. I love that it is self-taught and so easy for us to use. I will be using it again with my younger children when they reach high school.

I love art, and I enjoyed my own art classes in high school, but I didn't know where to start in teaching art to my own children. The beauty of ARTistic Pursuits is that I can relax and just let my daughter work through the text on her own, confident that she is getting a quality art education. She may not become a great artist, but she is learning the elements of art, how to evaluate the art around her, and her own confidence is growing as her skills are improving. ARTistic Pursuits has earned its place as a staple in our home, and in the homeschool community.

Product Review by April Elstrom, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February, 2012