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Rescue CD Review by April Elstrom

Peder Eide
Eide Productions
(952) 953-6393
P. O. Box 113
Rosemount, MN 55068

Peder Eide is a Christian singer-songwriter who has devoted the last fifteen years of his life to full-time music ministry. He has recorded fourteen albums and is a spokesperson for Compassion International. As a husband and father of five children, Eide focuses his ministry on helping families worship God together. He also has a heart for adoption, having adopted two children internationally. His music reflects these values in the lyrics.   Rescue is Peder Eide's latest CD, and a portion of the proceeds from its sale will go to Compassion International's Highly Vulnerable Children's Fund.

The Rescue album has ten songs recorded on it, eight of which are original songs written by Peder Eide (some with others). The album play list contains:

    1. Your Love Is Better Than Life
    2. That's What Family Does
    3. Nothing More, Nothing Less, Nothing Else
    4. Come To The Rescue
    5. Fun
    6. You Are Good (by Israel Houghton)
    7. We Are Not Orphans
    8. You're With Me
    9. This Is My Father's World (arranged by Peder Eide)
    10. Take What I Have

Each of the songs on Rescue points us back to God, to family, and to the needs of the less fortunate in the world around us. His upbeat contemporary style can reach across generations, appealing to both older and younger audiences. I think the songs on his Rescue album will connect most strongly with those in their thirties and forties.   My teens said he was okay, but not something they would go out and purchase on their own. I suspect that if they were to see him singing live, they might be more inclined to purchase the CD.

Peder Eide's arrangement of "This is My Father's World" was wonderful. That is one of my favorite hymns, and I loved listening to his updated version of it. The lyrics of his songs are all quite meaningful, and I found myself trying hard to focus on the words themselves. One of my other favorite songs on this album was "Nothing More, Nothing Less, Nothing Else" which sings of our commitment to live for Christ and submit to His will for our lives. "Come to the Rescue" sings of the children in need around the world. "We are Not Orphans" and "You're With Me" both share the message of God's unconditional love for us, and His presence with us. "Take What I Have" is a beautiful, quiet prayer to God, and a perfect closing to this album.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed Peder Eide's Rescue CD. His music reveals his heart for God, for families, and for underprivileged children. Someday, I hope to be able to hear him sing live. His focus on family outreach and worship would be exactly the type of concert we'd love to attend with our whole family.

Product Review by April Elstrom, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February, 2012