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Truth be Told: Exposing the Myth of Evolution Review by Kathy Gelzer

230 Landmark Drive
Montgomery AL 36117

Truth be Told, a hardback, glossy-paged science textbook for 9th graders, "is a compilation and refutation of false evolutionary ideas." The ten chapters cover the origin of the universe and life itself, geology and fossils, the age of the earth, dinosaurs and man, human evolution, and creation scientists. The page formatting is very attractive and appealing, embellished with full-color photos and illustrations. A few of these have individual subtitled annotations, but mostly they refer to topics in the text.

The impetus behind this book is counteracting the usual evolutionary theories, which are presented as fact in most of today's mainstream science texts. It is not designed to be used as a comprehensive science textbook, but rather, its purpose is to prepare high school students for the material they may encounter in their continuing science studies, and to equip them with solid arguments against evolutionary thinking. Bible quotes are used frequently, in order to help build these arguments. This textbook is equivalent to a one year science credit.

Each chapter is somewhere between 10-25 pages long, with the average being twenty pages. I appreciate the pronunciation of difficult words, which is included in the text. The book is easy to read and, in my opinion, could be used by junior high students, or even as a read-aloud to younger children. At the end of each chapter, there is a two-page review for students to complete with fill-ins, short answer, true/false, and multiple choice questions. A separate one-page answer key is supplied, but answers to the short answer questions are not included. This book includes a table of contents, ten chapters with reviews, and an index. I missed having footnotes with references to the sources of the authors' information. I would also like to know more about the two authors. A short bio page would be most appreciated. A list of recommended resources for further study would also be helpful. I would also include a glossary of important terms.

For a ninth grader, and someone in the first year of high school, I think this course is a bit shy on the workload. I think there should be more expected of the student. Maybe a half year and an end of the year test, some projects, and especially oral and written reports to help students solidify these pro-creationist views. Since many Christian homeschoolers use creationist science curriculum, it would seem this book is written mainly to Christian students who are in the public school system. However, it is an important book for high school students who may end up attending a secular university.

Product Review by Kathy Gelzer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2012