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Obstacles: A Game of Imaginative Solutions Review by Marisa Corless

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Obstacles: A Game of Imaginative Solutions is just that- a game of imaginative solutions! It is a cooperative game for the whole family. The game has two types of cards: obstacles and tools. The object is to take your tools, and then propose a solution for using at least one of your tools to navigate the obstacle, based on what you have available. After everyone proposes their solution to the obstacle, players propose additional solutions to the obstacle, taking into account the other tools that all players have. Eventually, votes could be cast as to the best solution. However, 'best' does not necessarily mean 'most practical'. It could mean silliest, funniest, or most creative.

Like other eeBoo products, the illustrations are beautiful and colorful. The cards are of high quality also. My only complaint is that, while easy to play, the directions were not as clearly explained as they could have been. I had to reread the directions a few times, and we had to decide as a family how we were going to play because there are a few variations given. I do like that the directions are printed on the inside of the lid! Why don't all games come that way? We won't be losing the directions to this game.

In my home, we never get to the voting on the best solution, because we have so much fun proposing solutions and laughing. One of the great things about the rules is that players are not limited to conventional properties of an object. For example, a vacuum cleaner could help navigate a volcano by vacuuming up all the lava. This game is easy enough for a five-year-old to play, and still fun for the adults too. It is perfect for any family game night, or it can be used to encourage discussions. I love this game!

Product Review by Marisa Corless, MH, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2011