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Super Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things Review by Marisa Corless

Cy Tymony
Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things

Super Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things is the eighth book in a series of books about homemade contraptions, inventions, and experiments. Cy Tymony has written out instructions for all sorts of things to create from fairly common household materials. Some of these include clothing items, alarms, and others like creating emergency substitutes for AA or AAA batteries from a 9V battery.  

While the title boasts uses for everyday things, not everything in the book is a common household item. For example, I don't have old remote controls, extra LED light bulbs, or volt meters lying around my house. As a result, periodic trips to the store may be in order. However, most of the items called for are fairly common, such as batteries, fabric, pliers, wires, and tape.

Overall, this book is fascinating. However, this book should come with a parent's advisory. I don't think all the activities are entirely safe for older elementary children to perform unsupervised. For example, the above mentioned creation of emergency AA or AAA batteries requires dismantling a 9V battery. This could be dangerous for a child. Nowhere in the instructions or book have I found a disclaimer saying that children should ask permission, or that parent supervision is required. I did see that it says all projects have been tested and are safe. I think this is a great book for parents who wish to work with their students on discovering the world of electricity, batteries, and inventions.

Product Review by Marisa Corless, MH, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2011