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3rd Grade Math Full Curriculum CD Review by Christine Hindle

Vinod Agrawa
A+ Tutor Soft

This is a wonderful math curriculum. This is not one of those cheesy programs that try to cover a whole year's worth of material with only a few examples / problems for each concept. This is a full one year curriculum complete with textbook (on the CD), worksheets, quizzes and tests, as well as lesson plans and solutions to the worksheets, quizzes, etc. that give full explanations. This would be like buying a math curriculum from another company with all the books that were needed (textbook, workbook, teacher's edition, tests, etc.), but it is all here on this CD. You can just print out the day's worksheet or test each day. 

Some people may wish to have completely automated grading where the software system does the teaching, grading, recording and reporting. This company also has an online edition that can do all these things, but this edition gives the parent the opportunity to grade the child's work and enter the scores into it and keep a tally of everything. 

I really liked the ease of use of this CD. It was easy to find everything and use everything. There were no weird quirks that I sometimes find in software that I get for my homeschool. This is a quality curriculum and I will use it in my homeschool. This curriculum will adapt itself well to a student that works on their own or to a teacher who wants to be actively involved in the daily lesson with the student. 

On the company's website, this CD sells for $99.99. Another popular math curriculum that a lot of people use sells for around $125 for all the books needed and I am sure postage on all those big books would be much higher than on this one CD. Personally, I have trouble finding shelf space for all these huge bundles of books for each subject for each year and so this CD is an excellent alternative for me.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2012