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Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day Review by Christine Field

Bilingual Books, Inc.
1719 West Nickerson St.
Seattle, WA 98119

Learn a language is 10 minutes a day? Sound too good to be true? Not with this!

This is a complete, thorough language learning kit. What do you get?

There are 6 audio CDs with eight hours of personalized instruction. One unusual thing I noted right away about this program was the variety of speakers on the CDs. They introduce several speakers from a variety of Spanish-speaking countries to expose you to a range of accents. In addition to the CD, the kit contains a really cool workbook. Colorful and fun, the workbook gradually incorporates more and more Spanish until you are reading nearly all Spanish text. The workbook has some other neat features. There are sticky labels that you can paste in the actual items in your home, reinforcing your vocabulary each time you view the item. A complete set of flash cards is at the end of the book for easy review when time allows, such as in the car or while waiting in a doctor's office. There are fun puzzles and quizzes in the workbook, along with a menu guide for you to take on a trip, whether to a Spanish speaking country or to your favorite restaurant!

This program can be used by adults or older children, alone or in a classroom setting. They are ideal for homeschoolers. Worried about your pronunciation? In addition to the speakers on the CD, each word is spelled phonetically in English above the work in Spanish. You can't miss with this approach!

Currently, these languages are available in the 10 Minutes a Day series: Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, English, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Russian.

These resources were created by Kristine Kershul. She says, "Learning a foreign language should be made easy so anyone can learn at his own pace. It should also be fun. Why not?"

10 Minutes a Day is effective, easy and engaging. You can't miss with this one.

--Product Review by: Christine Field, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Publisher's Note: The makers of this excellent series, Bilingual Books, Inc., are wonderful! We had an opportunity to look at the Spanish program, Spanish in 10 minutes a day. This is a workbook - and I love workbooks - which poses as a full course in Spanish for your young ones (perfect for all ages 10 and older, but younger children would benefit by sitting in on lessons). In the front of this thick, color workbook, you'll find a map of Mexico and South America (portions), labeled for your convenience. This company's concept of learning is to "do a little bit every day" and is designed to help the child succeed. You as the parent can set the pace. No one is expecting you to finish up in a certain period. I really like this. The first lesson teaches you to say, "Que es eso" (excuse my lack of Spanish punctuation). How do you pronounce that, though? The workbook makes it easy - they give you the phonetic pronunciation so you say the words right - "keh es eh-soh" ("What is that?"). If you can say that, you can learn to speak Spanish! They start by introducing you to the alphabet, asking you to look at the Spanish letter but say the English sound. "A" says "ah." Example: Ana (ah-nah). I love this! This is the kind of workbook my 11-year-old can take to his room and come back with the beginnings of speaking a new language! Complete with a Spanish glossary in the back, I would say this is one of the best Spanish programs I have ever reviewed. It's super!