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Mommy... Why? Review by Melissa Cummings

A Titus 2 Story for Young Girls
Cindy Voss
Keepsake Curriculum
170 Timber Trail Drive
Oak Brook, IL 60523

For a lot of Christian families, we teach our children much of the counsel of God through example and the way we live our lives. In concert with example, though, we also seek to bathe our children specifically with the Word of God spoken, read, and heard. For small children especially, we often try to find ways to combine what they hear with what they observe in unique, memorable ways. "Mommy... Why?" is a brilliant solution, using a sweet story to teach the biblical principles of Titus 2 to young girls. While it uses beautiful illustrations and simple text to teach young girls, it also gives mothers ideas for practical examples they can use in their own everyday lives for how to apply this passage of Scripture under the watchful gaze of their children. The simply asked question of "Mommy... why?" is a recurrent theme, acting as a springboard for all kinds of life-lessons.

With a nice, simple binding and construction, this softcover book is worth the $17 price tag to add into your home or church library. Stunning, sweet artwork with soft edges and bright colors is simply accomplished and visually alluring throughout "Mommy... Why?" Imaginative day-to-day examples fill the text with familiarity and reality. With a mother-daughter team for author and illustrator, we get to reap the firsthand blessings of an older woman mentoring a younger woman for the glory of God, and exemplifying the virtues outlined in Titus 2.

There are Titus 2 Scripture references throughout the book for constant reminders of the foundation the storybook is built upon. The seven chapters in this book are broken up by the seven virtues outlined in Titus 2:4-5, allowing each chapter to focus on just one. The book can be read all in one sitting, or divided up by chapter for further emphasis and used as a springboard for deeper discussion with slightly older children.

Product Review by Melissa Cummings, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2012