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Meem's Little World Review by Melissa Cummings

Lori Rolie
Austin, TX

Playful, almost childlike illustrations grace every page in this sweet, home-like storybook. With bright colors and smooth strokes, it is something that might inspire a child to go grab their colored pencils and draw their own story. Even the gently lilting text is handwritten throughout, giving a very personal touch to the book. From cover to cover, Meem's Little World will give you and your child every reason to smile.

A compilation of nine tales, the short stories in this book are not connected in any way except by being multiple little glimpses into the small yet varied world in which Meem the mouse lives, through the imagination of author-illustrator Lori Rolie. Entertaining yarns for parents and children alike, the sweetness and silliness contained within the bounds of this hardcover binding are both memorable and repeatable. From following the journey of a leaf falling from a rainforest tree, to the trek of an ant pursuing a picnic, these are witty little anecdotes for children of all ages.

For around $18, you too can enter the little world of Meem, adding some unique color to your story-time routines. With flowing rhymes that are simple enough for anyone to follow, you will be drawn into the stories and start seeing things through the eyes of some of the world's smallest creatures. For an added joy, find little Meem hiding somewhere in each story for one more element of interaction with the book. A sweet little treasure trove containing an entire little world, this book will certainly add simple, happy story-time jewels to your home library.

Product Review by Melissa Cummings, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2012