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Bold Believers in Columbia Activity Book Review by Cindy West

Kids of Courage
Voice of the Martyrs
P.O. Box 443
Bartlesville, OK 74005

The Voice of the Martyrs, publisher of this book, is committed to spreading the Gospel to all people of the world and has a special heart for those who are persecuted for their Christian faith. This book is one of many offered to raise awareness of what other people believe and how Christians can bring the Light of the Word to them. Because of this focus, Bold Believers in Columbia is a great tool for our Christian homeschools.

In 56 pages, this full-color, spiral bound book teaches about the geography, history, and culture of Columbia, as well as including several real-life stories of how Christians are making a difference in the country. Also scattered throughout the book are suggested activities to engage your children such as crossword puzzles, a map, a Spanish song, recipes to make, Bible verses to look up, and more.  

I found the book to be useful in so many ways:

  • When used in its entirety, Bold Believers in Columbia makes a fairly complete unit study for students in 3 rd grade and above. Besides math, all other subjects are covered at some point.
  • For children who are researching Columbia or missionaries, the book makes a fantastic resource. I estimate that most 5 th graders should be able to read and comprehend the material on their own.
  • Because it is so Biblically driven, it works well as a family devotional.
  • I also believe the material could be easily used as part of a co-op class. Many of the activities adapt well to group situations, such as creating a refuge shelter, playing Columbian children's games, and opportunities for discussion.

I'll warn you that the book doesn't mince words about some of the evil found in Columbia. Here's an example.

"Guerrillas in Columbia sometimes kidnap teenagers and force them to become guerrilla soldiers. The guerrillas probably wanted to kidnap Jacquelynne. Jacquelynne was a 15-year-old Christian girl. She and her family lived in a village that was controlled by the FARC guerrillas. Jacquelynne's, father, Guillermo, was the pastor of a church of about 60 people. The guerrillas do not like Christians or churches. They would not allow the people in the village to attend church. They knew people who served God would not help the guerrillas. The guerrillas especially do not like pastors. Guerrillas attacked Jacquelynne's father because of his faith. Sadly, he died of his injuries."   

If you think your children are ready to hear about the evil that many Christians and missionaries throughout the world face, this book is a great introduction. In "kid-sized" bites, with quite a lot of historical and cultural information included, Bold Believers in Columbia will not only introduce them to these evils, but build their faith as they see God's hand at work in the country. Your children will also be encouraged to begin praying diligently for the persecuted church and be challenged to boldly share the Gospel message no matter their situation.

Product Review by Cindy West, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2012