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The Original Lap Loom Kit Review by Marisa Corless

Harrisville Designs, Inc.
69 Main Street
Harrisville, New Hampshire 03450

Harrisville Designs is known for quality wool and weaving products. The Original Lap Loom Kit is no exception. The kit includes a loom, a ball of warp string, beautiful wool yarn for a fiesta tapestry, all the tools necessary, and instructions for both the tapestry and how to weave. The instructions are very complete, including information on how to change colors, fix mistakes, draw a picture to weave, and vocabulary. The loom and tools are all made of wood, with the exception of the pegs on the loom and the tapestry needle, both of which are plastic.

In many types of kits, the activities are finished once a person uses the materials and completes the included project. This kit teaches you the basics and provides quality tools, allowing you to continue making even more woven projects. Once the provided consumable portion is used, get some more yarn and warp thread, and keep weaving. History is full of references to weaving cloth. This would be a fabulous enhancement to many history studies.

Many products available for teaching fiber arts to children are made of cheap plastic and easily broken. I was thoroughly impressed with the sturdiness of this loom. It is not heavy to the point of being burdensome, but is heavy enough for use by children. My daughter, who just turned 8, was able to take the loom out of the box, read the instructions, string the yarn and begin weaving without any help. She needs a little practice in loosening some of her stitches, but that will come with time. If you want to teach your child about weaving, I recommend the Harrisville Designs Original Lap Loom Kit.

Product Review by Marisa Corless, MH, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2011