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Potholder Deluxe Kit Review by Kate Kessler

Harrisville Designs
69 Main Street
Harrisville, NH 03450

The Potholder Deluxe Kit is wonderful! I think every one of my five children has made a potholder for me or another lucky family member over time, but many of them have been on the small side and some have been made of cheap nylon loops. That is not what you will find with the ones made from the Potholder Deluxe Kit from Harrisville Designs. These loops are 100% cotton, thick, and brightly colored. This kit makes potholders worth using in the kitchen all the time.

The kit comes with one 7" x 7" metal potholder loom, a huge assortment of the cotton loops (enough to make at least six potholders), a plastic finishing hook, a metal weaving hook, and an illustrated instruction and project idea insert. The loom is virtually indestructible. We have had the plastic kind that breaks if you step on it or tug at it too hard with beginner fingers. This loom isn't much fun to step on, but it will not break! The metal weaving hook is well-made and used for exactly what it sounds like it is used for--weaving the loops in and out of each other to form the potholder.

The very best aspect to this kit is the rich deep color choices your child will get to work with on the loom. They are deeply tinted and don't wash out in the washing machine. These potholders are made to look beautiful and last a long time for you in the kitchen. I have been using my homemade potholders for months and they have not lost their color, thickness, or workability. I don't fear that these potholders will allow the heat to seep through like I have with other potholder kits.

It is delightful to recommend this company and this product. For just $26.95, you can give your child something really nice--and receive the same back in return! I love quality products and they gave us just that in their Potholder Deluxe Kit.

Product review by Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Director, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2012