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Rosetta Stone Language Library, The Review by Debra Cogburn

Fairfield Language Technologies

The Rosetta Stone Language Program makes life easy for the Spanish beginner. Our son wanted to learn to speak Spanish and get language credit for his home school sophomore year. He has found The Rosetta Stone method very easy to follow, because it uses pictures on his computer screen, along with spoken Spanish phrases, to familiarize him with the language. As with any learning process, repetition is the key, especially for a foreign language. The Rosetta Stone program uses repetition to learn names of objects and phrases. Our son repeats the words he hears and the pictures on the screen make clear the meaning of the object or phrase. As he learns words, the program incorporates those words into new phrases to build upon what he has learned in previous lessons. We have seen our son work completely independently and we can see that he enjoys being able to sit by his computer and learn Spanish without our help. He highly recommends The Rosetta Stone program to others who may be ready to tackle a foreign language.

-- Product Review by: Jim and Debbie Wright, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Here's another The Rosetta Stone Language Library review!

Rosetta Stone makes learning Spanish fun! On the very first lesson, you can immediately begin to learn words and phrases. My 11-year-old was working independently right from the start. This computer-based program, which requires Windows 95 and above or MAC, includes in Level I: 92 lessons with up to 250 hours of total instruction, student management system manual with two CDs, handbook for teachers, quiz and test booklet, answer key, study guide, workbook and answer key, and user's guide. Level I includes enough material for two years of high school study, although any age student will learn from the program. Level I is for the beginner to intermediate; Level II is intermediate to advanced. With its immersion approach, Rosetta Stone uses all your senses - you can listen only as a native speaker pronounces the words, listen and read, and read only. Workbooks are included to learn to write the language as well. The program is set up like a game so you continually want to challenge yourself and improve your score. It uses photographs of people and things that are interesting and easy to understand. When you click on the picture, the word is spoken for you. You can also repeat any part of a lesson as many times as needed. Levels I and II are available in 24 different languages. Learning a foreign language has never been this easy! Awesome program!

Rosetta Stone Language Library uses the immersion method of learning a language. You hear the language spoken by a native speaker, see the language written under pictures of the objects, match the pictures to the correct word, as well as use workbooks to write the language. This extensive CD-ROM program is equal to two years of high school level study. Think it's just Spanish courses they offer? Think again! Rosetta Stone is one of few foreign language companies that offers loads of options: 24 languages taught, including ESL! That's quite impressive! Come "immerse" yourself in Rosetta Stone - a wonderful, fun, and easy way to learn a foreign language!

-- Product Review by: Debra Cogburn, Lead, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine