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Flame On DVD Review by Dawn Oaks

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Tupelo, MS 38803

Flame On is a DVD documentary of a family that endured tragedy in the loss of a loved one. The Cooper family lost their son and brother, Cooper, at a very young age in an accident at their home. Flame On is the story of how they are able to wake up each day since that tragic event. As stated on the jacket of the DVD, Flame On illustrates the struggle between the sovereignty of God and human responsibility while examining how faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can take you from the very bottom of despair to victory through tragedy.

Our family has not experienced the loss of a child. Even trying to get my hands around this kind of grief seems unfathomable. Would my faith carry me through? Would the needs of my remaining children help to stir me out of bed the next day? These are the very real issues that J.J. and Melanie did not have the option of merely contemplating; rather, they experienced the reality. Young Cooper went to be with the Lord after a tragic ATV accident in which his dad was the driver of the vehicle. As a mom, would I have been able to forgive my husband through the power of Christ? Melanie has, and she shares this and more in her story as recorded in Flame On. J.J. elaborates on his own struggle in forgiving himself and trusting in the sovereignty of God.

This video can serve as an inspiration and blessing to other families who have experienced a similar loss. The video is not for sale. The producers simply ask that those interested in using it for ministry purposes through churches or individually between families be willing to pay for the shipping costs.

After having viewed Flame On, I think that like the Coopers I would be able to rise from my bed the next day through the grace of God. This is the core of the message that this family seeks to share with those that are experiencing grief and tragedy.

Product review by Dawn Oaks, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2011