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The Only True God...Knowing the God of the Bible (from the Quest series) Review by Krystin Corneilson

By Marni Shideler McKenzie
Explorer's Bible Study
P.O. Box 425
Dickson, TN 37056-0425
(800) 657-2874

Part of the Quest series of the Explorer's Bible Study company, The Only True God... Knowing the God of the Bible is a 30-week Bible study aimed at Jr. and Sr. High students. The consumable workbook starts out with a note to parents and teachers, a note to the students themselves, and an introduction of the topic. The format of the daily lessons is explained and hints and suggestions, such as keeping a Bible journal and to pray as they study, are offered as well.

Each lesson is broken down into five days, with day one always including a review of what was previously learned. Throughout the week, there are memory verses, daily questions, and lesson notes. One of the sessions focuses on personal application, although the day varies. Day five ends with the student reading prepared notes about the lesson. That text includes vocabulary, explanations of why certain things were studied or referenced in that particular lesson, and a general summary of the week. Lesson 30, the "final exam," so to speak, is a fill-in-the-blank review of the entire book. Once completed, the soft-covered book is a keepsake reference book for years to come.

As the name indicates, the specific topic of this volume is getting to know the God of the Bible. With so much emphasis in the world today about individual choices and customized this and that, learning about and getting to know The Only True God in a personal way can be challenging especially for our youth. This Bible study guides the student through Scripture and prayer to find out who God is, what He has done, and what He promises to do. The learner will be introduced to and examine an attribute of God in Genesis, then that quality will be referenced in another important Old Testament event, and, finally, that characteristic will be shown in the life of God the Son.

The Only True God...Knowing the God of the Bible is set up for individual study to last through a school year, but could be used accommodate a small group as well. This book is aimed at middle through high schoolers, and adults would certainly benefit from it as well.

As our kids grow into young adults, I believe it's important for them to take more ownership of their education, perhaps especially so with their Bible studies. Because students work in the book five days a week for an entire school year, the consistent habits built should help to establish the healthy, lifelong habits of opening their Bibles every day, asking God what He wants them to learn, and deepening their relationship with the God of the Bible.  

Because we have four kids, we often choose curricula that we can use over and over. That's not really an option with this workbook. However, because of the impact that this study could have on my kids, I will gladly purchase one for each of them.

This Bible study piqued my interest in the Explorer's Bible Study company and their offerings for other age groups. I was delighted to find a range of appropriate studies for my other, younger children as well as material for adults. I look forward to our entire family growing in our relationships with God and each other through these guides.

Product Review by Krystin Corneilson, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2011